Great customer service

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    Great customer service

    So I ordered some caber from recon peptides and the order process was super smooth, emailed info and payment verification and was responded to quickly and got my tracking info super quick. USPS fucked up some where along the lines and I wasnt getting my package and the tracker wasnt updating. After a little while I reached out to Wesley to see if there was anything he could do to help. He responded within 20 min and asked for necessary order info. After giving it to him he emailed back and told me he would take care of it. Just a few days after that I finally received my package after waiting for so long. I've been having the worst luck with usps shipping lately and it's nice ordering with someone thatll step in a do what's necessary to get you your order even if it's not their fault.

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    Wes is an awesome guy and recon is a solid source!
    Local and International SARMS & Peptides

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    PM me for questions or concerns ::HERE::

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    Recon caber Is on point, running now alongside some npp!

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