APOLLO says let's talk about MCT Carrier Oil

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    APOLLO says let's talk about MCT Carrier Oil

    MCT carrier oil is all about being smooth. APOLLO uses this oil in all our House Brand injectables. Check out our House Brands on https://apollo.gs

    Light, thin & smooth is how we describe it on our site. Compared to normal carrier oils, for example grape seed oil, it is different.
    Another way to rate it is by how viscous it it is. This oil is thin which means it's so easy to inject.

    Any experiences you can share with us on this matter?

    Thanks a lot,
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    Iíve been recently trying to educate myself on different carrier oils. I recently found out that EO can aggravate autoimmune diseases. I wish I paid more attention to this in the past to see how I react to different carrier oils from different sources.

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