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Thread: Weight vs. Reps

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxmuscle1 View Post
    I always have Girls and Guys say, “ I don’t wanna get big muscles like that!” referencing a bodybuilder look. I always laugh on the inside.
    I tell them, “ Dont worry about that, muscle don’t just grow overnight” that takes serious work. They think heavy reps equal a bodybuilder look when it isn’t true. It can be one if the best thing for senior lifters too. All the muscle loss and fat gain. Cardio and diet are the key forces. I never put someone on a treadmill either and stand there. I see trainers doing that, what a scam. I do weights or circuit training with them and make sure they learn to log and about nutrition. Kind of have to re-program their minds. This thread reminded me of a lot of misconceptions about training.

    I 2nd every single word!!!



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    Quote Originally Posted by subway22 View Post
    From what I understand failure is failure. At the end of the failure with both weights you will have taxed equal amount of muscle fibers, so for hypertrophy they are the same. For me personally I just find that dropping the weight too low or too high will end up putting too much stress of wear and tear on my joints.


    The muscle doesn't understand weight, it understand time under tension. Once you continue to breakdown that muscle and creating tears by filling it with blood then the muscle rebuilds itself to be bigger and stronger to handle the load better.

    Throwing heavy weight is for when we want to strength train and there's nothing wrong with that. That's why there's a difference in the physiques of bodybuilders and strong men competitors.

    Lighten the load and get good solid reps in.

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