Basicstero site under DDOS-attack AND other Important News

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    Exclamation Basicstero site under DDOS-attack AND other Important News

    Please see the quote below for some important news from Basicstero:
    Quote Originally Posted by Basicstero View Post
    Hi there, not very good news for all of us, unfortunately.
    1. Our site is under a DDOS-attack and working not stable. There are blackmailers who threaten to attack us if we don`t pay to them. Obviously we do not negotiate with blackmailers, they can fuck off. We are working on stabilizing access to our site. Just for your info, we are operational, just temporary issues.

    2. Unfortunately there are delays with orders from international warehouse. We mentioned we found a new shipping way to the USA with low seizure risk. A few batches were delivered successfully by this way. One batch stack in the middle due to covid. 2 other batches of envelops (orders from end of March - beginning of April) returned back to our partner`s warehouse as we have been reported just now. Another trial is planned for tomorrow. Due to this we do not have tracking numbers so far. Moreover, on site we say that tracking numbers are provided within a week after order status changes to shipped.It is not valid for this way. Moreover, once order changes status to shipped, it means we packed and shipped it to our partner, but our partner needs also 4-5 days to receive all and ship by this new safe way. So, general shipping time may take over a month and tracking number will be provided roughly 2 weeks after order status changes to shipped.
    Things became really complicated due to coronavirus. We have to deal with what we have.
    So, i warn in advance that orders will take pretty long. In some cases shipping may take even up to 2 months. Please be ready for this or just do not order. All complains kinda you have competitions soon and need goods soonest are senseless. We can not have any impact on current circumstances. I am describing situation as it is, whether you like it or not.Sorry... We are not sure, when things get better.
    US domestic warehouse is working in normal mode without delays.

    3. To finish it on a positive step. We are organizing a warehouse in a new country, which has good success as per preliminary tests. So, we are not sitting motionless. It takes some time, but new warehouse will get into operation in a while.
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    Thanks for keeping us updated and for fighting the good fight Basicstero and RT.

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    Thank you brother!! Your the man RT

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    Yeah, I dig domestic, but feel for my brothers who can not get access domestically. Like you said, it is what it is. The fact you guys are still pushing forward and expanding to help alleviate the situation, says all we need to know about your business savvy and morals.

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