Shoe shine boys and crypto currency

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    Shoe shine boys and crypto currency

    In 1929 as shoe shine boys were getting stock market tips, it seems that was the exact moment to get out of the stock market.

    When extremely common people pump up stock prices, the wall street sharks dangle great bait out, as they themselves are quietly selling behind the scenes.

    As crypto, and gamestop has grabbed the headlines, guys like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and many wealthy investors have quietly sold.

    Even the commies are selling Ali baba shares.

    Statistical a crash comes every 20 years. The last one was 2008. Go figure ?
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    this game wasnt meant to be played by us peasents, and now the elite is upset that the peasents tried to get in and fuck them so they will fuck us all back even worse by changing the rules once again. The elite has disposable income and they can put 1mil in on something then they make these ads that tell you to get in as well when the masses buy in they will remove their 1 mil which will make the stock they prop up crash and the average joe is less with less than what they invested, its a ponzi scheme

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