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Either you are a simple user, a forum high profile, a trainer, a high level athlete, a person who have a large network of peoples in the world of bodybuilding, here is your chance to be able to earn money through your network and your knowledge…
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Blackroids Membership Program is completely free and all registered customers have this option enabled.
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Receive 15% immediate cash back in your Virtual Wallet on every of your referrals paid order.
For helping you to find referrals, we offer a 5% discount coupon available on your account page.
Example: When your referral places an order for 200 € on Blackroids, you get 30 € in your Virtual Wallet, and 30 Sponsor points to help you get Sponsor badges. Once you get new Sponsor badges you get special rewards as explained in the Achievement table here after. You can check your Badges and the history of your Virtual Wallet and Sponsor points on your account dashboard anytime.
With this system, you can:

  1. Benefit from free products to whole free orders since you can spend all or part of your Virtual Wallet.
  2. Accumulate money in your Virtual Wallet in order to reach the ultimate cap of 1,500 € (or equivalent in $ / £) to be entitled to convert it into Bitcoin.
  3. Yes! you have read it right! Convert it into Bitcoin and get it transferred in your own BTC wallet (fees apply).

If you not only are a sponsor but also a customer, you can earn rewards from your own purchases as well, and mix all cashback and rewards of both systems. You can learn more about our Cashback system on this page.
Become a sponsor with Blackroids and earn 500 € per month and even more

For example, if you referred 12 peoples who have each purchased 280 € per month you will receive your 500 € in your Virtual Wallet that can be used or withdrawn in BTC (fees and conditions apply), and 500 Sponsor points that will unlock great rewards.
Sounds interesting no? give it a try!
Read our sponsor tutorial to know how to invite friends and make money with their orders.