Iíve been on trt of 150 test cyp , prior to that was off all AAS for 3 years, prior to that I ran everything under the sun...

A month ago I swapped out the test cyp for Atipp, and added 150mg of DHB and 150 of mast prop. The goals have been leaning and performance enhancing , not bodybuilding.

I mix the three , and then split it into eod shots in slin pins.

Zero pip. I mean ZERO.

I look waaaay fuller, more vascular, and the midsection has tightened.

Performance is definitely enhanced, putting in longer and more intense sessions (bjj comp) , increased recovery, and still adding strength and conditioning ontop of bjj without detracting from my training sessions.

I wanted to see what low doses of non aromatizing compounds would do, and I am very pleased so far with the results.

Will continue for a bit, then plan to run some injectionable TBol, then back to TRT doses, but may keep using the Atipp instead of the cyp.

Oh and the cialis from GC is crazy strong ...

Everything top quality from GC.

Was scared of the DHB pip, but small doses spilt up and mixed with mast and test have been painless