Good evening gentlemen.

So, as many of you know, Iíve done at least 2 logs with GC, both times the gear was absolutely superb. Without a doubt, the best Iíve used in my 8 years in this game.

This log is as much for me to stay consistent and push me to go as hard as possible, as well as show the efficacy and quality of GCís product. This isnít sponsored, this is just me wanting to show some love to the big guy for all heís done for me.

On this run, Iím gonna be blasting for 12 weeks. I will be running the following:

Weeks 1-12:
Tri-Blend: 1mL every M/W/F
Test Prop: .5mL every M/W/F
Aromasin: 25mg every M/W/F

Weeks 1-8:
Proviron: 100mg ED

Weeks 8-12:
Anadrol: 50mg ED

My main goal with this is to get back in powerlifting shape after having Covid and moving into a new home in December and then after being in DC for most of January. I havenít lost as much as I thought I would, but Iím definitely not where Iíd like to be. My wife is competing in Figure at least 2 more times this year before we start trying to have kids, so I would like to win another powerlifting competition before we go down that road and while I have time.

So without further bullshit, I started my AAS cycle last Monday, and started my powerlifting program yesterday, my next two posts will be yesterdayís and todayís training sessions. Thanks to anyone that decides to follow along