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  1. C

    Turinabol vs Winstrol

    History: I am a female who has cycled on Anavar before. I had an okay experience, but I would've liked to gain more muscle mass. I also wasn't a fan of the expensive price. No side effects. I am currently debating between winstrol and turinabol for my next cutting cycle. High protein...
  2. C

    Planning Winstrol Cycle

    I am a female who desires to Do an enhanced cut. 4 years of lifting experience. I tried Anavar once, had no side effects, but also not as many muscle gains as I would’ve liked. It was okay. As such, I’ll be planning a cutting cycle using Winstrol, which is much cheaper and allegedly stronger...
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    Winstrol Depot 75mg

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  7. M

    First cutting cycle help. I am 38 on TRT

    So I am 38 on TRT just andriol weak shit.... Decided to do a cycle of Sustanon 400mg/ml at 500mg per week for 12 weeks with 80 mg var ED and 50mg proviron ED. plus triple stack sarms, Rad190, sr9009. Cutting. All straight for 12 weeks should I adjust anything? After this going to use Sustanon as...
  8. E


    Hi I'm new to this whole thing. I'm a 22 year old male. I'm interested in doing a first cycle. Winstrol caught my attention because I don't necessarily want to bulk. I want a clean cut and lean muscle. I obviously don't know shit, but I'm looking for some guidance. I don't know where to buy...
  9. Q

    Summer shred

    What do you all think about this shred cycle?... 500mg/week Test E (testE already established) 75mg EOD Tren Ace 50mg ED Winstrol 20mg ED Var .5mg EOD Adex or 10mg (2×)week Aroma TAD600 (1×)week *considering adding proviron at low dosage* diet phase1 - 3,000cal/day. 300g protein, 200g carb...
  10. C

    Pharmacomstore review

    I'm mainly posting this because I chose to order from Pharacom based on reviews from this site and others. But I'm very disappointed with pharmacom. Shipping was not an issue, it took about 25 days and they sent a order confirmation and tracking number. However, when my order arrived it was in...
  11. D

    Making pills problem

    I cant find information about making pills dianabol,winstrol etc. I have tablets machine powder dianabol,winstrol, Microcrystalline Cellulose Powder, Magnesium Stearate what i need else? I think i have all but i cant make sure. How i must mix this? Whats proportion? I wont have tablets 10mg per...
  12. R

    Looking for online source

    Hey, new to forums looking for a source I can order oral Winn in an at least somewhat discreet manner.(Girlfriend would probably disapprove, lol!)
  13. B

    Recipe helps!!

    I'm just going to order some winstrol and boldenone. Want to make 500mg/ml bodenone and aqueous winstrol with guaiacol. Can anyone tell me the recipes? Thanks in advance!
  14. K

    Winstrol or d Bol first

    Ok I have PCT and all that figured out along with nolva,clomid etc my question is: I'm about to run sust(12 weeks) with d Bol(6 weeks) and winstrol(6 weeks) I just don't know if I should run the d Bol in the first 6 weeks then winstrol or winstrol then d Bol. Preferably I would want to take...
  15. H

    HGH and Steroid cycles

    Am wondering what's the best way to combine my next gear cycle with my HGH. I have used both injectable steroids and HGH in the past but never together. Am going to do a 12 week stacked cycle. Finishing off with Clomid & Tamoxifen. Danabol 40mg/day 1-4 Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/ week...
  16. S

    is it a scam?

    Hello there, I was just wondering if you guys know that xxxxxx is a legitimate webaite? I have bought and send them 477$ US worth of steroids but I have not heard from them almost 3 days now. I am so worried if they are scammer. Please advise,
  17. M

    1st cycle - Some questions about goals..

    Hey guys, I just had a couple questions for any of the experienced people.. I'm practice capoeira and acrobatics, and I'm looking to improve my performance; gain endurance, strength, stronger joints and what not.. I'm not looking to make weight gains and get big, I would like to stay relatively...
  18. E

    Steroid stack

    Hey forum, I am going to start my first steroid cycle as soon as I get my pct which will be nolvadex, my stack will consist of winstrol oral, test E 250 following nolvadex. I was going to see if I could get advice on how to cycle that stack. I am 18 years old, I workout 5x a week at high...
  19. IronLifter1

    TOUCH DOWN w/ porn

    :clapping:thanks AA!!!!!!
  20. T

    Mast E, Winny Hair Loss...

    I've used pretty high doses of both Winstrol and Masteron E in the past Ummm....15 years ago and had no issues with hair loss but now that my hair is getting a bit thinner I'm kinda' concerned. If I had no hair loss before could that mean I'm predisposed to keeping my hair or is it a crap...