1. R

    How is my first cycle ? Testo e//deca//danabol

    Hi guys. I'm new in this forum. My Height : 1.72 Weight : 60 kilograms Old : 20 I think first drug use. 10 Week 500 mg Testosteron Enanthe (Aburaihan) 8 Week 250 mg Deca (Vermodje) and What do you think this brand(Vermodje) ? First 4 Week 40 mg Danabol (Balkan Pharma)...
  2. Roughneck_91

    Proviron... my new staple

    Proviron was one of those things I had always read about and wanted to try but never did. This time I decided to give it a go. I've been running Vermodje at 50mg/day and it has been great. Water retention has been minimized, I get consistent morning erections and a noticeable increase in...