1. J

    Just got off my first cycle -NEED ADVICE

    Hey guys, quick stats about myself: 32yo 6'1" 208lbs My blood work before jumping on Test Cyp. was 317. I followed the advice of my doctor (just glad I even got the approval from her) and pinned 200mg ONCE every 2 weeks for 2.5 months. So total of 6 injections. I got my blood work done again...
  2. T

    Permanent horrible face bloat

    Hey, Been on TRT for 2yrs 62mg\*4x weekly (250mg) no AI. This dose has me at stable 800 total, which is perfect, no problems. 8 months ago in the name of gym progression i decided to do a 2 month blast 1000mg/wk (still no AI, yeah im dumb...). Well no shit i got moon face & all other high E2...
  3. Ogre

    TRT, Blast & Cruise, Levels, etc.

    So, I'm starting to understand why some of you (many of you?) go with blast and cruise or "TRT." In my mind, there's not really a difference between cruise and TRT, other than possibly the dose. I mean, if you're adding 100mg/wk and it's called TRT, but adding 200mg/wk and calling it cruise...
  4. jiffysound

    Testosterone Decanoate for TRT?

    My friend told me he got a new shipment in that includes testosterone decanoate, he said he would prepare it @ 250mg/ml and put it into 20ml vials for sale. This ester interested me for my TRT as it's long acting, but the problem is, there is not that much information on this ester. I don't even...
  5. S

    Cycle Thoughts

    Still new to this and looking to learn and get feedback on cycle. I'm 40yo, 5'6, 155lb, 12%bf Blood attached. Currently 180mg trt. Puts my levels 900-1000 Wanting to move up to 12 week cycle: test C 300 weekly total. Deca 100 total. Hgh 2 iu daily. Pct back into trt 180 with anastrozole...
  6. battleaxe93

    Tren & TRT blood work

    Hi everybody, I was curious your thoughts on how running tren (200/week) affects my TRT blood work. I’m seeing various articles but nothing that states that is raises/lowers testosterone from a blood work standpoint. Thanks
  7. S

    8 weeks on TRT - blood work attached - shit results - thoughts? advice?

    My dosage of each day is in the attached table: Weekly summary of dosage is in the attached chart: Technically I'm on week 8, started April 13th, shows more weeks just because… Weird dosing because was "experimenting". I wanted to see what's the difference in feeling and shit...
  8. OKBiochem

    New Member

    Hello all. I am new to the forum. I am 51 yo and have been considering TRT. Figured this was a great place to get some real world advise, not the stuff they tell you at the mens clinic. Look forward to hearing some feedback. Thanks.
  9. C

    Am I pinning Ventro Glute correctly?

    Been on TRT for a few months now and I've done two weeks of Ventro Glute injections towards the lower side of this triangle mark. I feel like every video I watch varies differently but this site hasn't given me any pain or issues. Just want to confirm with some of the pros here and see what they...
  10. J

    Early signs of gyno and advice for a new guy?

    Good evening everyone, I am about 7 weeks into a TRT regiment that has me at a low 135mg/week dose which I am splitting between 2 days. I’m a bit heavy still so it’s hard to tell what’s what, but it appears as though my nipples may be getting a little puffy. I was also prescribed aromasin for...
  11. ilfirin

    Smooth bridge to TRT

    Hello, I have been taking 0.7CC (70mg) Test Propionate EoD for 2 months now (245mg per week) preparing to switch over to doctor prescribed TRT. Prior to that I had been blasting/cruising non stop for years. I took my last pin of Test P April 25th. I need to score below 650ng/dl on my blood work...
  12. S

    What do you think about my blood work results?

    Just got them this week even were done a month ago. The results are in the attachment. ME: Male / 37 yo / 225 lbs / 6'1" / 25% BF / never done TRT or steroids Previous total T was 337, don't know previous free T. It was about a year ago. Since then I've been taking everything possible...
  13. Shinyarne

    TRT Swapping to Tren / Test/ Recommendations - Looking for more info on stacking etc.

    Good Afternoon, I have previously use Test E a few times in the past at 500mg/w and always had amazing results. As of late I began TRT at Test Cyp 200/w and it just isn't doing shit for me...more so, its just me burning my money as ive felt no difference in 7 weeks so far while working out and...
  14. The Maestro

    Water retention

    Hello to all fellow TRT gentlemen. I'm currently on 200 Test Cyp and have been for six months. My question is if anyone is having constant swelling in the ankles? I'm on a water pill and Now Magnesium/Potassium and nothing is working. I currently pin twice a week. Any ideas or personal...
  15. T

    No Test, just Deca?

    Hey guys, So I have a question. I’m 38 years old and my testosterone is pretty low, between 300 and 350. I was on TRT a few years ago but stopped because I eventually want to have children. Test definitely helped with a multitude of things and maybe someday I’ll get back on. I’ve done a few...
  16. P_Labs

    P_Labs Test Acetate Lab Results

    Testosterone Acetate 100mg/mL. This is a great alternative to Test Prop for those who are allergic to prop or have post injection pains. Test Acetate is generally smooth and a great kick start for cycles. Purchase Test A HERE! Testosterone Acetate is basically synthetic man made testosterone...
  17. Raekwon

    Getting HGH prescribed?

    Are people successful in getting doctors to prescribe HGH or AAS beyond TRT? I’m thinking the pharmacy quality has to be leaps and bounds over whatever else can be sourced. My usual source priced out 240ius at like $3k, so I’m scrambling for other reliable avenues.
  18. K

    Want to start TRT don’t want to mess with the specialty compnanies

    Hey all, I’m 35 looking to do TRT. Tried the whole specialty online therapy companies. Didn’t work because of my healthcare provider. Turns out wanting to take test is so so terrible in modern family medicine. Have had blood work done, just need to know where to go and who to trust. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  19. R

    Coming off trt

    So I can no longer continue my trt journey , I have clomid and arimidex . Can someone be so nice to recommend dosage . I'm about 2 weeks from my last injection and I'm getting conflicting info from my searches . Any help appreciated!
  20. M

    Trt and genetics

    I started pinning with my buddy. We do the same routine and eat the same meals. He seems to be discouraged because the disparity in our results. Looking for a way to explain it to Cj.