1. Shinyarne

    TRT Swapping to Tren / Test/ Recommendations - Looking for more info on stacking etc.

    Good Afternoon, I have previously use Test E a few times in the past at 500mg/w and always had amazing results. As of late I began TRT at Test Cyp 200/w and it just isn't doing shit for me...more so, its just me burning my money as ive felt no difference in 7 weeks so far while working out and...
  2. The Maestro

    Water retention

    Hello to all fellow TRT gentlemen. I'm currently on 200 Test Cyp and have been for six months. My question is if anyone is having constant swelling in the ankles? I'm on a water pill and Now Magnesium/Potassium and nothing is working. I currently pin twice a week. Any ideas or personal...
  3. T

    No Test, just Deca?

    Hey guys, So I have a question. I’m 38 years old and my testosterone is pretty low, between 300 and 350. I was on TRT a few years ago but stopped because I eventually want to have children. Test definitely helped with a multitude of things and maybe someday I’ll get back on. I’ve done a few...
  4. P_Labs

    P_Labs Test Acetate Lab Results

    Testosterone Acetate 100mg/mL. This is a great alternative to Test Prop for those who are allergic to prop or have post injection pains. Test Acetate is generally smooth and a great kick start for cycles. Purchase Test A HERE! Testosterone Acetate is basically synthetic man made testosterone...
  5. Raekwon

    Getting HGH prescribed?

    Are people successful in getting doctors to prescribe HGH or AAS beyond TRT? I’m thinking the pharmacy quality has to be leaps and bounds over whatever else can be sourced. My usual source priced out 240ius at like $3k, so I’m scrambling for other reliable avenues.
  6. K

    Want to start TRT don’t want to mess with the specialty compnanies

    Hey all, I’m 35 looking to do TRT. Tried the whole specialty online therapy companies. Didn’t work because of my healthcare provider. Turns out wanting to take test is so so terrible in modern family medicine. Have had blood work done, just need to know where to go and who to trust. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  7. R

    Coming off trt

    So I can no longer continue my trt journey , I have clomid and arimidex . Can someone be so nice to recommend dosage . I'm about 2 weeks from my last injection and I'm getting conflicting info from my searches . Any help appreciated!
  8. M

    Trt and genetics

    I started pinning with my buddy. We do the same routine and eat the same meals. He seems to be discouraged because the disparity in our results. Looking for a way to explain it to Cj.
  9. C

    Debating TRT

    Debating on starting trt on my own, or waiting even longer to find a better doc more suited, or maybe o just shouldn’t at all worry about it. I’ve done 3 blood tests for my PC doctor, and all have come back in the upper 300s. He has been procrastinating it since last fall when I originally asked...
  10. Iron-Ketchup

    I need Letro dosage advice while on trt

    I'm doing 200mg test C a week, self administered/regulated trt dose. I've used adex and aromasin for a few years. But I have recently switched to using letro and i just feel better using it for some reason. I was just wondering if anyone else uses letro like this, and if you could give any...
  11. B

    Gorilla Pharma Quality

    I have just received my order from The Gorilla Pharm and the first thing I noticed was how runny it is. It has a viscosity close to water. Anyone else have this issue or concern about their gear? test cypionate 200mg/ml
  12. B

    Low TRT Dosage

    My doctor recently prescribed me 100mg Testosterone Cypionate every other week. I have been following the doctors protocol to not mess up the blood tests he runs. After the first 3 months, I went in for lab work. My blood draw was 8 days after my last pin of 100mg, and my test levels were at...
  13. bigrobbie

    Having to self administrator TRT

    Hey guys, been off gear for about 5 years but now I'm suffering from low testosterone. In a perfect world I would go to the endocrinologist and find out how low my levels are then start TRT. However, this isn't a perfect world and I don't have insurance therefore I'm going to need to take test...
  14. bigrobbie

    Time for TRT

    Hey guys, been off gear for about 5 years but now I'm suffering from low testosterone. In a perfect world I would go to the endocrinologist and find out how low my levels are then start TRT. However, this isn't a perfect world and I don't have insurance therefore I'm going to need to take test...
  15. G

    2 weeks into TRT and getting impatient

    I’ve done a fair amount of research and I know it can take 3 or more weeks for improvements, but I feel nothing thus far while reading all of the praises by others. I actually feel a drop in libido. I’m seeing a urologist at a local men’s clinic who put me on TRT the same day he took the first...
  16. J

    I started on aromasin, how to handle side effects, hot flashes in particular.

    My current regimen is as follows, 125mg of Omnadren 250 every 4 days ( I split the 250 amp into 2 shots ) and I was also taking Arimidex @ .5mg with every shot, however it wasn't very effective and also me and my doctor were a little worried about my latest lab results which indicated slight...
  17. J

    I would like some advice regarding thrush

    I wasn't sure which sub-forum to post this in, so I posted it here because I am a TRT patient for life and the topic may be correlated to my question. Now is it coincidence or not, is the question, regarding HCG usage and annoying thrush in my throat. A while back I asked my doctor to prescribe...
  18. N

    Ace Labs Test @ 140lbs trying to gain 20 lbs help plz

    Im currently taking 500 mgs of ACE Labs Test which is prettty good so far ive only been on for s a month and have not gained much looks like my muscles are shredding but no mass im at 140lbs trying to gain at least 20 lbs help there has to be something im not doing right i know that i should...
  19. C

    Androderm patches not working

    Hi. Just beginning trt, 30 days in and things are worse thus far. I have just completed my first blood work 30 days into the process and my free and total test levels are much worse than when I began. My family doc prescribed 5mg patches, taken 1 per day, changed out at 9 pm. For the first two...
  20. B

    New to the Forum

    Hi guys, new guy to the forum. 35 years old, been lifting since the high school days. Been on TRT for about 3 yrs now and have been loving it. Wish I would've know about TRT a lot sooner. Just ordered some other compounds from Pharmacom to start a bulking cycle these next couple of months...