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  1. anonlifter

    Use science to describe my laymans terms and understanding of tren.

    Hello all! So, I've done plenty of homework and reading. Looking for one of yous to maybe put some science behind my layman terms and rationality. I've heard of nutrition partitioning, quite a bit. This little bit of science I am trying to get is about poop and Trenbolone (ace in this case)...
  2. anonlifter

    Anyone use a TENS unit after pinning?

    Fairly new to blasting and cruising. I'm on my 3rd run. Using Tren Ace at 200mg alongside Test E at 500mg. Sides and everything are going super smooth. Into my 4th week. Anywho... Just seeing if anyone else uses a TENS unit after pinning. I feel as if it helps dissipate the oils after...
  3. YourMuscleShop

    Difference between Tren hexa and Tren Ace ?

    Difference between Tren hexa and Tren Ace ?
  4. N

    Homebrew, where, and how?

    So I moved to a new state, dropped my old sketchy hookup. Now I can't find shit. I've done my research and done cycles, so I don't need advice on my cycle I know what I like and how i want to run my cycle. What I do want to know is, how hard to get into homebrew, and where can I even buy raw...
  5. L

    Beligas Tren Ace Vs Odin Tren A

    People seem to promote other brands on this site but these two are the ones that I have easy accesses to right now. I've been using Odin because they ship faster but thinking of trying Beligas to see if the extra money dose anything. Anyone have experience with these two?
  6. S

    Test/Tren Ace dosage still suggestions???

    First time using Tren and decided on Tren Ace. Currently cruising on 200mg/sust a week. What would be a good standard dosage if I pin the Tren A 3 times a week. Also what dosage should I keep the sust at throughout the duration of the Tren cycle? Any suggestions would be grateful. Thanks in...
  7. Sunshine

    Take off Tren a

    Is there a reason to not go with Test A for the bulk? With the side effects of tren I would want something that leaves my system quicker?
  8. B

    And another one...

    Once again, DG with the fast turnaround once payment was received. After a few bumps on the road with the carrier it finally made it. Great communication with Alan and keeping me at peace of mind. Time to finish up this summer cut and first time using any of the ZPHC products. Hope they...
  9. Q

    Summer shred

    What do you all think about this shred cycle?... 500mg/week Test E (testE already established) 75mg EOD Tren Ace 50mg ED Winstrol 20mg ED Var .5mg EOD Adex or 10mg (2×)week Aroma TAD600 (1×)week *considering adding proviron at low dosage* diet phase1 - 3,000cal/day. 300g protein, 200g carb...
  10. C

    Crazy pip

    Guys, i had a CRAZY PIP yesterday with pharmacon tren ace ampules , never happened before... it was crazy , burning insideeeeeeeeee:thinking:
  11. A

    First Cycle at Last!

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a long time, quick background: I have been training since i was 16, i am 24 now. I've been reading constantly for the last few years in my free time about bodybuilding and all the drugs involved. When i was in Afghanistan we would order pro-hormones and take...
  12. X

    Need Advice on Second Cycle - Tren Ace

    Hey bros! I'm looking to start a tren cycle, but as this is only my second cycle and I have never run Tren before, I could use some help in putting it together. I'm looking for a clean bulk, as I am a fitness model. Here's what I've got so far after researching it. I'd appreciate y'alls...
  13. mezii

    Feww Questionns! Cutting.

    This being my first cycle with tren, I didn't want to over do it, so I stuck with a basic: (I'm currently a week in) TestP 100mg eod 1-10wks TrenA 75mg eod 1-8wks Winny 50mg ed 6-10wks ** Adex .5 ed 1-10wks Letro on hand clomid/nolva on hand for PCT For those who are curious: 5'9, 180lbs...
  14. N

    Synaptec Labs Trenatec A100 No Side Effects after 2 weeks doing 200mg every 2 Days.

    Synaptec Labs Trenatec A100 No Side Effects after 2 weeks doing 200mg every 2 Days along with 250mg of Test-E every 5 days and 80mg of Winnie ED. When I First tried Tren A by Genesis I would get Night sweats after a week and My heart would beat like crazy with only 100mg every 2 days But I have...
  15. Gaige21

    read the rules and follow them or get removed from the site

    All information on Anabolic Steroid Forums is for entertainment and educational purposes only! ASF has no affiliation with ANY advertisors; they simply purchase advertising space here. If you have questions go to their site and ask them directly. Don't send a PM to me or any mods/admin asking...