1. M

    Local sales and purchase

    Now I have been a member for a couple of years now, I get my test in Mexico, however I was thinking there’s gotta be an easier way, I was wondering and this is probably a real dumb question but, is there any local distributing or sales in southern Cali ie.... San Diegoish. I don’t take it for...
  2. B

    Gorilla Pharma Quality

    I have just received my order from The Gorilla Pharm and the first thing I noticed was how runny it is. It has a viscosity close to water. Anyone else have this issue or concern about their gear? test cypionate 200mg/ml
  3. B

    Low TRT Dosage

    My doctor recently prescribed me 100mg Testosterone Cypionate every other week. I have been following the doctors protocol to not mess up the blood tests he runs. After the first 3 months, I went in for lab work. My blood draw was 8 days after my last pin of 100mg, and my test levels were at...
  4. G

    Fit at damn near 50

  5. Vincentino

    Testosterone ISO Explanation

    So I apologize in advance if this has been covered, and please feel free to point me towards the thread out there if one exists, but can someone please explain to me what exactly the difference between the Isocaproate ester and the “main” esters is? I’ve seen it more and more frequently, I’m...
  6. Vincentino

    Test/Masteron Ratios

    Afternoon gents. So I know for a long time, there’s been a debate during Tren cycles on whether to run test/tren evenly, or having one or the other higher/lower. As with anything else, everyone’s body is different and responds equally different. I’m curious as to if anyone has done the due...
  7. B

    Spectrum Pharma - Testo Mix 250 Lab Results

    Meant to post this last week but haven't had a chance. Got my lab work done about 3 weeks ago to see if I could start my new cycle coming up. Ended my last cycle at the end of September which included SP 250mg per week split up into 2 shots and have been just cruising with SP 250mg per week...
  8. G

    Hot flashes and Night sweats e2? no arimidex for 5 more days should I run some clomid

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here (just joined) I've ran some previous test cycles and this time I'm exp'ing some hot flashes (really hot almost all the time), and some night sweats (waking up sweating). I'm about 7 weeks into running around 600mg sustanon weekly, I had a similar issue week 4 while...
  9. Vision

    🛡️Pivotal Labs Statement🛡️

    ​Pivotal; 1. Of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else As the definition states, "essential" & "Significant", as our team is committed to these principles and values of sustainable development within the compounding market, we realize that our role as a...
  10. AceLabs

    Wanna try our Test E for FREE? Limited time only!!!

    Guys, We want to get the word out, make any order over 100 USD and we'll throw in a FREE 10ml vial of our Test E. This offer will last until 20 Feb, 2018. Add a comment in Checkout that you saw the Promo here on ASF. Cheers, AceLabs Team
  11. CavabangaKarl

    Supertest 450

    Hey guys, I have found a mix Supertest 450 made by SP Labs and its contains: Testosterone Acetate 32mg/ml Testosterone Decanoate 147 mg/ml Testosterone Propionate 73mg/ml Testosterone Phenylpropionate 73mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate125mg/ml So, how much is difference of effects with...
  12. N

    Looking for a solid source

    Hey everyone... Brand new here, I've read on this forum (and others) for a long time but I've never joined until now. On to my point... A friend recently got me into HGH. I was running a brand called Nuptropin. He raved about how solid his source was. I just placed my second order and each was...
  13. L

    First cycle Test prop - Help

    Hey guys! I have recently (a week ago) started a test prop cycle. I´m doing 100mg EOD, the gear is legit (checked the codes), I get soreness after injection, I got slight side effects (a bit of back acne, slightly higher libido) but I have barely experienced any weight or strengh gains (sure...
  14. M

    New Member On First Cycle Planning

    Hey there guys new to the forum & to everything about AAS. Was looking to begin a simple cycle of just test-enth with 400mg per week followed up with a pct consisting of Clomid, Aromasin, Nolvadex. Then taking proscar on the side to combat possible hairloss. My age is 25 years old, weighing in...
  15. R

    How is my first cycle ? Testo e//deca//danabol

    Hi guys. I'm new in this forum. My Height : 1.72 Weight : 60 kilograms Old : 20 I think first drug use. 10 Week 500 mg Testosteron Enanthe (Aburaihan) 8 Week 250 mg Deca (Vermodje) and What do you think this brand(Vermodje) ? First 4 Week 40 mg Danabol (Balkan Pharma)...
  16. G

    Hi just joined 2 minutes ago ! Help needed

    I was researching from last few days and luckily i found this forum. Can some one tell me where I can find test acetate? I am going with test acetate because there is no PIP. I never tried test Prop though but read many articles saying it hurts a lot, is it true? is there any source that makes...
  17. V

    Help beating a drug test in professional sport

    Hey everyone, As the title says I need some serious help and advice to beat a drug test in a professional sport. Long story short I wasn’t planning on competing this year so started a cycle with Trenbolone Acetate (100 mg. EOD) and Boldenone Undecylenate / Equipoise (200 mg. 2x a week). I...
  18. S

    New Member

    Hello All, I read several different posts on here to understand how to cycle. It was very useful and I just ordered my first cycle from AA. I can't wait to do it!!! Height; 5"6' Weight;127 lbs. (I'm paralyzed from the waist down. I have no movement or feeling in my legs. Thats why I weigh...
  19. C

    Testosterone Cream 150mg

    I have never jumped on the forum to ask anything, so here goes. I am a 34/M, 6'1 193lbs 10% bf currently. I have been working out since I was 16 years old. The last 2 1/2 years I have hit the gym harder then I have ever throughout my life. I also put my diet in check and have fluctuated between...
  20. mass121

    step in the right direction

    Hi guys, new to this. Looking for some info on safe oredering or obtaining legit oral gear in the states.