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  1. C

    I tried the new CooperPharma brand - Opinion!

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    Does testosterone Enanthate need to be refrigerated?

    Does testosterone Enanthate need to be refrigerated? No, Do not Refrigerate or freeze Test E. Keep testosterone enanthate injection (Xyosted) securely closed in the original container, away from children. Keep it away from light, excessive heat, and moisture at room temperature (not in the...
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    BODYBUILDERS BLOOD TEST PANEL Blood work for bodybuilders are non-negotiable. Blood test panel for bodybuilders comprises the following- CMP-14 Lipid Testosterone free and total Homocysteine CRP-hs Thyroid Panel with Thyroid-stimulating Hormone(TSH) FreeT4 Estradiol DHEA’s and IGF1...
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    Men lose upto 90% of their Testosterone

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    Build amazing physique

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    Best Deal on Anabolic Steroid

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  7. T

    Looking like Lazar only with test?

    Can you look like Lazar Angelov or like todays fitness models only by using test.I dont mean just with one cycle.