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  1. D

    Rad140 and Test e help

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Rad and test cycle (7 weeks) 350 test e weekly, with 10mg of rad140 daily starting enclo (25mg) a day and nova (20mg) daily for 7 days after last injection Then reduce to 12.5 enclo and 10 Nolva for 21 days
  2. J

    Backoutside Boys!!

    What's up brothers!?!?! Hope everyone is well today. I am 24 y/o 6'1" and currently 220lbs. Indulged in the bulk a little to much so I'm a little fluffy at roughly 16% bf. I've been lifting since I was 13 (at 13 I was 204lbs and probably 5'7 lol) because I was a chonk, then I fell in love with...
  3. D

    Need advice on front loading test e

    Hi guys, any experts out there with experience in front loading test e. For my next cycle I want to run test e at 400mgs a week split into 2 x 200mg administrations Monday’s and Thursday’s for 12 weeks. I am interested in front loading before hand. Can anyone give me tips on amounts to...
  4. P

    Test-e & Anavar

    Starting a cycle on Monday for 12 weeks for the sole purpose of burning as much body fat as possible while retaining lean muscle mass. Which is going to consist of the following: Week 1 - 2 : 60MG of Anavar daily. Week 3 - 5 : 80MG of Anavar daily. Week 6 - 12 : 100MG of Anavar daily. Test-e ...
  5. D

    My Next Cycle

    Hi guys, I am a new member here but have lurked and read threads for a while. I have done 5 aas cycles in the past 10 years. My last cycle was mid last year and consisted of test e and tren e at 250mg and 200mg respectively, split into 2 administrations, Mondays and Thursdays. Followed by 4...
  6. T

    I have never done a pct

    What’s going on guys. I wanted some input and opinions on this subject. I’ve been cycling for about 11 years now and I just turned 31. I have only used test and tren, some var here and there. I’ve done 16 week blasts with test and tren and long term cruises with test. I have never experienced...
  7. W

    First Cycle Test E

    After lifting for about 9years, I've decided to start my first cycle at 28 years old. I'm genetically skinny at 5'9 and can hover around 135-145lbs which is where I usually hit my plateau. I want to push the limits and decided to start Test E at 300mg a week, pin twice a week at 150mg, Monday...
  8. C

    New member few questions

    First cycle been running 400mg Tren E and 500mg Test E ( from FL and PSL ) every week (split into 2 seperate doses ) and .5mg arimidex EOD starting on my 3rd week. My question is while being halfway through my cycle the only real not great side effects I've had are lack of appetite and upset...
  9. grAnabolic

    SP Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate + Janoshik Report

    +1 Fresh report from Janoshik arrive ... :
  10. R

    FREE Beligas Test E for First 10 signups at Roidshop.to

    We are so excited to be here with the ASF Community. We're giving away 10 Beligas Test E for the first 10 who signup on our website, fill out your information and talk to chat support. Just mention you're from ASF and you will receive a FREE Beligas Test E. Also don't forget if you like our...
  11. Alquh

    Third cycle - need a lookover

    Hey all. This will be my third cycle. I'm looking to add Tren for this next cycle. Stats Age: 29 Height 5'11" Weight: fluctuates between 180-183 Bodyfat: 18% Goals: Lower bodyfat and gain some muscle definition 1st cycle (was a newb and was just testing the waters) 8 weeks 250mg Test-e 1x...
  12. X

    Can I avoid HCG? First cycle at 39.

    I will be starting my first cycle at the age of 39, soon. Test E 250 twice per week for 10 weeks. For PCT I got Nolvadex although I know many use clomid as well, but I hear just one of them will do, most of the time. I realize hcg is quite popular during cycle, to prevent testicular atrophy...
  13. D

    First Cycle + Bloodwork Question

    What’s up guys, I am new to this forum and it seems this forum has everything I need. I have never done a cycle before but I have been reading up on it and my plan is to do Test E 250 mg Monday morning, thursday evening Arimidex .5mg every 3 days for 15 weeks PCT Nolvadex 40mg daily first 2...
  14. Z

    hCG during cycle or for PCT?

    I'm 19 years old. Stats: Height: 6ft 7in. Weight: 300lbs. Lifts: 315 bench, 585 deadlift + I generally don't squat because I find it to be far from ideal for my height. I'm looking to take my physique to the next level, and delve in to the world of men's physique/fitness modelling to make...
  15. S

    First Cycle Advice - please help!

    First Cycle Advice Hey guys I am currently in the 10th week of my first cycle which so far has consisted of: Week 1-9: Test E 500mg (split 250mg monday/thursday) Week 4-7: Anavar 75mg e.d. My stats are currently 6’3, 101kg (222lbs), 9% bf, age 23 Original plan was Test E for 12 weeks plus the...
  16. Gokster

    1st cycle opinions please!

    Age 39 215lbs Bloodwork next week. Wanna order gear in meantime. Thinking of this thru pharma. Dbol 10mg/3x/dy Weeks 1-4 Test E 250mg 2x/wk Weeks 1-8 Hcg arimidex .5mg eod Weeks 1-8? Pct clomid 50mg/dy Weeks 10-12? No nolva or Asin from them yet. Will this work? What suggestions to the vets...
  17. E

    First cycle test e. Is an AI required for an ectomorph?

    Hi! My name's Jonesy, I'm 26 and I’m going to start my first cycle. 400 mg test enanthate per week (injection on Monday and Thursday 0.65 ml (195 mg) per shot) for 12 weeks. PCT 10 days after last injection: week 1: Clomid 50 mg, Nolva 20 mg week 2: Clomid 50 mg, Nolva 20 mg week 3...
  18. G

    Light test e anavar cycle. Advice please

    Ok boys so just after a little bit of advice. Thinking of starting up a really light test e and anavar cycle. MY STATS. 22 years old. Been consistently training for 4 and a half years. 6'1 - lean at around 8% - 84kg. havent really made any gains in the last year. This is what im thinking. yes i...
  19. G

    Steroids at 18 years old, still a mistake?

    Hi, so I’m 18 and thinking about running a cycle. I know I will get roasted for this, I will listen to people but I don’t want the whole ‘you’l fuck up your hormones’, like what specifically is likely to go wrong? I’m not jumping in without knowing anything, I’v done my research (I’m not by any...
  20. G

    2nd serious cycle

    Hi guys, this will be my 2nd serious cycle and just looking for advice I know the majority of the cycle will be down to diet and training. Looking for experienced guys here to suggest to tweak my cycle(if needed) Stats. Age: 23 Height: 5ft10 Weight: 186lbs Bf: 13-14% Training for 2years(all...