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  2. Z


    Has anyone tried SARMs before? What’s your best experience with it? After doing research I was directed to swoleaflabs and it made me want to try them. I found the price good and I got the gains I want! Also, the PCT wasn’t bad at all!
  3. DonaldS

    Supplements for Keto Diet

    What is the Correct way to consume pre and post-workout supplements when you are going for Ketogenic Diet? And what to eat with those supplements?
  4. A

    Inflamed muscle

    I'm curious if anyone knows where to get an anti inflammatory steroid? Or something of that sort. My shoulder has been inflamed for months now. My doctor gave me a shot but the inflammation has came back. Any advice would help. Thanks
  5. T

    Hi All members

    Hi Everyone, I'm based in the U.K. And have just joined the forum looking for discussions on cutting edge. Nutrition Supplements Training and Lifestyle. Did my first competition this year NABBA 2016 UK. I hear the forum here comes highly recommended
  6. southern

    Holy Hell

    Started EC stack today...fuckin' A. Best workout I've had in a while. Endless energy/stamina. PR on deadlift (since getting back into the gym, not best ever). Not crazy about the cold sweats/feeling like I'm coming down off of crack/amphetamines (in recovery, try to steer clear of stuff that...
  7. K

    Is My PCT Plan good enough?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. After a few weeks of extensive research on testosterone supplementation, I have made the decision to run my first cycle. This cycle will only consist of Test E, at 500mg split into two doses each week, for eight weeks. Followed by PCT for a...
  8. W


    Does anyone know any companies that make a myostatin inhibitor?
  9. J

    testosterone cypionate by british dragon, How good it is ?

    I was wondering is there anyone using testosterone cypionate also called Testabol Depot, manufactured by British dragon ? I am curious about the company. If their products are exemplary then I may give them a try.
  10. W

    General Problems Need help BAD!

    Guys I am at a total loss right now, I have completely changed up my routines and I have been lifting for a long looonnng time, my dad started me when I was 12 lol. I have been working a night shift(grave yard shift) for quite some time now, and until recently i never noticed an effect on my...
  11. M

    Why you should be supplementing fish oil

    Here is the whole study: http://www.jissn.com/content/7/1/31 "The results of this study showed that 6 weeks of supplemental fish oil significantly increased lean mass, and significantly reduced fat mass in healthy adults. This is in agreement with Couet et al. [21], who observed a significant...