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  1. YourMuscleShop

    For what purpose is an anabolic steroid used? Do they harm bodybuilders or an athlete’s health?

    Well, we all know that steroids or anabolic steroids are types of artificial testosterone. It is a hormone that is typically associated with the male body. But the female body also produces testosterone in smaller amounts. When taken properly, steroids aren't always hazardous. They’re used for...
  2. YourMuscleShop

    Best Quality at best prices

    Buy now and get 10% off on all your gears. Use Code: MUSCLE10 Best quality products at minimum price. We only ship from the United States. Your One Stop Bodybuilding Shop Visit Us : WWW.YOURMUSCLESHOP.COM
  3. A

    Post Cancer, wanting to get back to what I was!

    So I've just spent 6 months fighting lung cancer and until about a month ago I thought I'd lost the fight. Turns out I I got lucky. The treatment worked and despite having about 25 holes in me (from surgery) I've come out of it and am able to move forward. To be honest, I've spent a week or so...
  4. A

    Inflamed muscle

    I'm curious if anyone knows where to get an anti inflammatory steroid? Or something of that sort. My shoulder has been inflamed for months now. My doctor gave me a shot but the inflammation has came back. Any advice would help. Thanks
  5. D

    Miglyol 840 ON EBAY

    Miglyol 840 is now available on eBay in 500 ml volumes. This stuff is twice as thin as MCT oil.. Simply amazing carrier Castor 297.0 - Thickest Crambe 53.6 High-Oleic Safflower 41.2 Peanut 39.6 Sunflower 37.1 Grapeseed 37.0 Sesame 35.3 Corn 34.9 Cottonseed 33.5 Soybean 32.6 Safflower 31.3 -...
  6. M

    New Member On First Cycle Planning

    Hey there guys new to the forum & to everything about AAS. Was looking to begin a simple cycle of just test-enth with 400mg per week followed up with a pct consisting of Clomid, Aromasin, Nolvadex. Then taking proscar on the side to combat possible hairloss. My age is 25 years old, weighing in...
  7. linc

    New here, but not new for everywhere. ^^

    Hey guys, new face here and want to be a friend of you! :clapping: With experience of raws, anyone need help on such issues, pls feel free to PM me. ;) I will enjoy the time being with Anabolic Steroid forum and all of you. :winkfinger:
  8. K


    Hello friends, do you know how to cook steroid finished products by using steroid raw powder?
  9. R

    Need help first full cycle! Test-E - AI help needed please

    Hello All, My stats age 23, 90kg 5"11 - lift for a few years seriously but for since i remember I am just finishing a DBOL only cycle 40mg ED for 6 weeks with some liver sups and then nolva+clomid PCT. This has been my first cycle and i have loved it, great gains (some to be lost i am sure)...
  10. H

    Clen source

    Just PM me. Trying to find some but he'll everything is dried up in the South right now. Any help is much appreciated
  11. X

    Survey: Performance enhancing drugs in sport

    Hi there, im working on my research on anabolics steroids in sport, i would be really happy if you filled my short questionaire. Thanks a lot! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eTBKERBrlHWApmWEAhais3u8SxsHshy4I1slrrYbDFc/viewform?c=0&w=1
  12. jozifp103

    (PuritySourceLabs) HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED

    IN STOCK HCG also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Provigil Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 5000 iu/amp + water solution HCG is clinically used to induce ovulation and treat ovarian disorders in women, and stimulate the testes hypogonadal (underproduction of testosterone) in men. This...
  13. Juiced

    Methylstenbolone (Ultradrol, designer steroid)

    MethylStenbolone is a very new and potent designer steroid recently brought to the market by Antaeus labs. Several products in the past have claimed to use this compound, however independent lab testing has revealed they only contained superdrol. Methylstenbolone does not convert to an...
  14. T

    sutanon 250 and clen??

    so im on my 2nd week of sustanon 250 by its self and using arimidex as well. im not worried about how much or when i understand all that, just curious i have some clenbuterol as well just havnt messed with it. should i use it and stack with sustanon 250? im 5'8 159 lbs trying to put on lean...
  15. T

    hey guys semi newbie 30 years old

    Ok guys so im 30 years old 5'10 160 and about 13% bf i dropped about 7 percent bf and 30 lbs recently so i can eat right and have no problem going to the gym and giving it my all.. just got ahold of some sustanon and some amiridex. also some anavar and clenbuterol for my friend... he chickend...
  16. J

    Tri-Tren...need advice!!!

    I'm 18 and I'm around 6ft1...16 stone. I lost near 3 stone in 5months and now am serious about getting into shape and bodybuilding. E.g. my bench press is 100kg for 5 reps, deadlift 165kg 1RM, leg press 360kg for 5 reps.... I've just purchased Tri-tren.. which is an injectable steroid made...
  17. Reps1965

    MLG Time

    Excited for my order from MLG I love their sust 250 and Dianabol.... Shit just got way more easier now that they have PCT Just wanted to say thanks to the guys at MLG
  18. B

    Need Help for my first cycle Please!!!

    Hi all the members. Before i seek the advice and suggestions from the experienced here, i do wanna let you all know a bit about my past experience withsteroids . I never had any cycle before but i did experience a Deca shot in my teen which shrank my testes and junk the same night and never went...
  19. M

    Greenhand Coming for Guidance!

    Dear Guys, This is mike from Hubei Maxsource Chem Co. Ltd, we supply all types of steroid powders, pls freely let me know if any interests. Thanks
  20. D

    simple pct help on test cycle

    I am looking for advice on pct.. i am on a cycle doing just test e and a cycle support, i am looking for a good simple pct to do after this cycle ... and one know any stickies on here or any good simple pct would be appreciated as mime at the moment is just a natural test booster and that is...