1. P

    Dapoxetine source

    Curious who the best source for some Dapoxetine would be? I’m curious to try it and most places don’t have, nor who the price so I can eee what a fair deal is. Thanks!
  2. M


    what is the best source currently please? I would like to order, you can answer here or in private message thank you for the help 💪🏼
  3. D


    Contact @Arnold to become a sponsor. Advertising is not free.
  4. T

    Quality HGH source for this poor ol dude! lol

    Aloha bro & broetts, Looking for the best quality hgh & bacteriostatic water products & sources for a reasonable price. I’m so paranoid about putting stuff in my body. I would like some info on different quality domestic suppliers, so that I may make an educated decision. I mean across the...
  5. B

    Any info on pharma labs

    Wanted to check with you guys, anyone have any feedback on this lab? I can't find info anywhere on this . Ran 2 runs with great results from local, but source faded and would like to get a little more insight on it and who might carry it if possible. Appreciate it!
  6. D

    Stopped mid cycle

    Hey guys I'm new to these forums. Been reading and learning a lot. I actually read hundreds of posts prior to making to commitment to beginning a cycle. I'm gonna hold off on posting what my cycle was until I'm asked. I'm not going to discuss sources either as I see that is not good forum...
  7. shq87

    Old sources?

    Guys i logged in after a very long time and noticed some the old sources are gone. What happened to anabolic america and levarm?
  8. H

    QUALITY Powder Source ONLY!

    Looking for the top of the line in quality. Cost is not an issue. A+ quality powder source only please. Ive Been brewing for years now and my recent suppliers quality has gone downhill. China doesn't seem to be the country of origin for my products. Unfortunately, people are scarce with info, so...
  9. jozifp103


    Purity Source Labs has just released a new cycle package called THE LUMBER JACK! This stack includes the following 7 - Euro Pharmacies Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10ml/vial 7 – Euro Pharmacies Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) 100mg/ml 10ml/vial 7 – Euro Pharmacies Masteron Propionate...
  10. Jinx

    Hong Kong or Shenzhen Sources Question

    I bid all users good local time of day. I have to admit, I don't exactly expect people to give me the answers I'm looking for, especially taking into consideration that I just registered and this is my first post, but at least I hope someone might point me in the right direction. I am a...
  11. L

    Have been using the same gear source for over 2 years great gear no problems

    I fucking swear by they guys.Has never taken long to arrive at my place.The packaging is discrete and packaged with care and consideration.The prices are extremely reasonable and they have a "product of the week" I got sust 270 for cheap.If you are new to the game or looking for a new hook you...
  12. shq87

    Legit HGH

    Can some one help me :( ? I am looking for a legit source to by hgh. Don't want chinese scamers to take my money and send my Mike changs red water instead. Please reply or PM me if you have tried it from a legit source. Thank you
  13. A

    Back from Afghanistan, here for advice, ready for bulking cycle!

    Hello everyone, I'm here from WI, i recently got honorably discharged from the army, i was a scout for three years and had one year in Afghanistan. We bought a bunch of pro hormones before deployment and had some gyno as a result of superdrol, and just had it sliced out so i am ready after lots...
  14. K

    The Challenge of Finding a Good Source

    I've been researching through other Forums, and of course I always seem to get in touch with someone that refers me to "their" preferred online source. After a bit of correspondence, it seems obvious that they are connected to the source or a rep, but that may not mean the product isn't good...
  15. D

    Best online source?

    My local source charges me pretty much triple the price on everything i wanna buy and even though the gear is always quality, i just cant afford paying that much anymore. Can any senior members recommend a good quality online source? Appreciate it :)
  16. 8pl8

    New to ASF

    Thanks for all who post, rep, discuss and teach in these forums! I'm new to ASF and so far think that this forum KOs all the rest! I have a few question that I would like to ask you all. Bio: 41 yo fireman from California 5' 9" 190 18% BF diets clean and workout is balanced I sustained a...
  17. T

    Mr Swoll

    Sup my dudes, i been on this BB game for about two years. Been through some cycles of gear. LOVED the feeling and the gains i got from each and every single one of them! just recently i lost my source :/ bummer. Thats what brings me here to my fellow lifters and BB's. Dont go splurting out names...
  18. J

    Pulling the trigger on M.L.G. and Liq. Mus. 1.! - Smart move or no, feedback please.!

    I have to split up my order between the two due to selection, will everything go ok...? I haven't ran any gear in a few years and I'm freakin' souped about getting started...! The last thing I need is a failure to launch, I really can't afford to get burned...! Also, if I needed a larger...
  19. Johnnyboy004

    Customer review of Granabolic

    Another TD today. 3 for 3 and couldnt be happier. Products: A+ Communicatiom: A+ TA: A+. (all tds in under double digit business days). Faster then some doms. Rep: A+ Packaging: A+ All around great service. Questions answered. TDs thrown on time. Knowledgable rep who makes himself...