1. futuretrunks

    What’s your shoulder day routine?

    Need some ideas for effective shoulder routines!! What’s yours?
  2. S

    Just another shitty day in my LIFE!!!!!

    Boulder Shoulder
  3. EllieV

    Neck Injury/Upper Body Workout Advice

    I just posted about an acute elbow guys are going to think I'm falling apart. It's not to that point yet and I want to keep it that way! Background: 15 years ago when I was in college, I went on a date with a guy I barely knew who wasn't in college but was in the Army, based...
  4. B

    Need pre cycle advice.

    Alright guys, need some health advice per say. 4 months ago I underwent a full labrial shoulder repair, tore it clean in half. I started back lifting about a month ago and I'm thinking about taking anadrol or maybe even GP sust 270. Im trying to figure out if its going to hurt me worse than it...
  5. JFuerte

    Trying to get widddddeeeeeee

    I'm trying to get wide as i have been told that i am thick ( from back to chest ). I want shoulders like boulders and i need to work more on my Lats, which i believe both are what gives u the wide look. I am currently on a cut ( Keto and carb cycling ) My training is 5x5 at Max. Please, i would...