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  1. PhyziqPhreak

    Raw product physical properties

    Im not sure if this topic is acceptable to post, if not please remove and accept my apologies. Is there a defining characteristic to determine difference between types of raw powder. How could you distinguish between the raw power form of proviron, clomid, (anadrol), deca ??? Any...
  2. Z

    SZOB is reliable raws source and recommended for you.

    SZOB, the owner is one of our friends and we are from the same province, Henan province. Lots of ZPHC raws are provided by them and their high quality goods really helped us a lot. I am here to say a word for them, not for one coin. Just try to help anyone who really need the top quality...
  3. linc

    New here, but not new for everywhere. ^^

    Hey guys, new face here and want to be a friend of you! :clapping: With experience of raws, anyone need help on such issues, pls feel free to PM me. ;) I will enjoy the time being with Anabolic Steroid forum and all of you. :winkfinger:
  4. H

    QUALITY Powder Source ONLY!

    Looking for the top of the line in quality. Cost is not an issue. A+ quality powder source only please. Ive Been brewing for years now and my recent suppliers quality has gone downhill. China doesn't seem to be the country of origin for my products. Unfortunately, people are scarce with info, so...