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  1. Shlux

    Wellbutrin magnifying prolactin issues?

    Hey guys. Long story short I had about 7ml tren Ace leftover from a while ago so I decided to do a short cycle of 175mg per week with 250mg test that I had already been cruising on for a month. About 3 weeks in (out of 4) I started to get sensitive nips. Never really had an issue on these doses...

    Poppin pills

    Anyone have a suggestion on where to get GOOD arimidex, Nolvadex and caber? Where I get my testosterone is great but I honestly don't trust the pills.
  3. cowleygains

    tren dick/ fighting prolactin levels

    Hey so im half way through week 7 hitting 450mg of test prop 450mg of tren ace 450mg of masteron prop and using 1000mcg of mtren per session the last few weeks ive started experiencing what i think is tren dick it still goes up, but sometimes half way through smashing a bird it just goes floppy...