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  2. J

    TestE/Dbol Cycle - Welcome To The Darkside

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody, I started this thread in the Anabolics section and was recommended to start a new new here, here’s a link to the start of it and I’ll be updating regularly between experiences of all kinds/thoughts/etc. This is also for those that either never injected...
  3. YourMuscleShop

    Where to Buy Primobolan Online

    INTRODUCTION Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the source of the anabolic steroid Primobolan 100mg. This chemical is also known as methenolone. Similar to other steroids, Primobolan was developed for therapeutic purposes. It was made to be applied to those who were losing muscle mass and were...
  4. YourMuscleShop

    Primobolan popular cutting steroid for fat burning, lean muscle mass and Enhanced photosynthesis

    Primobolan is a popular cutting steroid, which is why it is ineffective as a bulking steroid. However, the advantage of Primo is that it does not have the same harmful side effects as other steroids. Helps in fat burning- Primobolan is a highly effective anabolic steroid for fat loss. It can...
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    Buy 2 Get 1 Free Var & Primo !

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    P_Labs Primo 200 & Lab Results

    We have the best deals on Primo. :cool: Enathate- Available in injectable oil form. 5-7 Day half-life. Acetate- Available in oral tablet form. About 4-6 hours half-life Attached is the Enathate test results.
  7. tatertot

    Advice appreciated -- Test/Primo/Var

    I've been cruising on 200mg "TRT" for the past few years, and plan to the rest of my life. Bloods are good and my Dr is cool. I've considered running a 'mild', 'safe' first cycle and it seems that Primo and maybe Anavar would be good additions to the Test base. Would you add in only Primo...
  8. 5

    Primobolan Anger?

    Can primo bring out unsolicited anger, negative aggression in females? Wife on TRT - Testosterone cypionate 100mgs every four weeks as prescribed by her doctor. She has been on this TRT for a couple of years. She is no stranger to the gym. She was out of the gym for awhile following a surgery...
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    Primobolan Special Offer

    Guys, You're going to like this Special Offer AceLabs Primo Special Offer Cheers, AceLabs Team
  10. H

    HGH and Steroid cycles

    Am wondering what's the best way to combine my next gear cycle with my HGH. I have used both injectable steroids and HGH in the past but never together. Am going to do a 12 week stacked cycle. Finishing off with Clomid & Tamoxifen. Danabol 40mg/day 1-4 Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/ week...
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    HALF PRICE PRIMO-200mg/ml SALE !

    HALF PRICE ON 10ML VILES OF GENEZA PRIMO-200 YOU MUST NOTIFY UIS THAT FUNDS ARE SENT BEFORE 11:59 PM SATURDAY NIGHT 9-15-12 if you wouldove to do a nice primo cycle but have been put off by the price all these is the time! You wont see primobolan at this price very often! So...