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post cycle therapy

  1. YourMuscleShop

    What Does Post Cycle Therapy Mean?

    Most people take steroids in "cycles" to avoid developing a tolerance and to give (HPTA) — the hormone production control system — time to enhance testosterone production after each use. The deluge of synthetic hormones that occurs with steroid use, however, throws your body off balance. When...
  2. Doomsayr_x

    Anyone know where I could find some good PDFs on anabolics? and a few questions.

    The steroid Bible is 300 dollars. I just started a very begginer cycle and I definitely want to learn more. I have a few questions. Why am I taking a SERM tamoxifen every other day? Some day it's not necessary and to keep an AI on hand just Incase. During PCT is clomid necessary? Or can I...
  3. K

    Is My PCT Plan good enough?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. After a few weeks of extensive research on testosterone supplementation, I have made the decision to run my first cycle. This cycle will only consist of Test E, at 500mg split into two doses each week, for eight weeks. Followed by PCT for a...
  4. Jim Juice

    PCT Help Please?

    I am 8 weeks in to my 12 week cycle and I need to sort out my PCT. I have been taking; 40mg of Dbol a day for first 6 weeks 600mg of Test E (a week) 600mg of Test Cyp (a week) 300mg of Deca (a week) and 125mg of Mast P (a week) I have also thrown in the odd extra compound each week such Sust...
  5. J

    research chemical supports

    so I have a buddy in my guy who suggests using research chemicals that you can purchase online apparently from some UK site. He claims they work just like the real things ( clomid, nolva, aromasin) I am posting here to see if anyone has ever used any research chems instead of the pills and if...
  6. J

    Need first cycle advice please!!!!

    Ok guys so I need some help with my first cycle.... The web can be very overwhelming with various buckets of information, suggestions and full of people who THINK they know whats best for you comments. But here we go!!!! I can get my hands on legit gear from a buddy at my gym who has played the...