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    Hi my name is Mike and I’ve been using gear from for the past few months now. I have to say after using several different brands, Pharmacom is by far the most purest, cleanest, and strongest gear I’ve ever used. I’m currently running 600ml of sust with 300ml of deca per week...
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    My First Cycle: Experience With Pharmacomstore

    My first time buying aas was uncomfortable to start, as I had no experience with what was legit or not. After searching through forums, I came across and from there discovered Pharmacomstore. I researched thoroughly and planned out my order from them for a few weeks in advance just...
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    pharmacomstore hands down best on market

    I have been doing anabolic steroids for the past 15 years on and off. I work out everyday, its my life, so I really take AAS product quality seriously. What Pharmacomstore has to offer is better than any other brand I have tried. Not only is the product good, but its guaranteed to arrive and...
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    Touch Down

    So my pharmacom goodies came in yesterday. As many, I was skeptical in ordering from an international website but after plenty of reviews on here and reviews on their website I pulled the trigger on my first big boy cycle. Placed my order on 11/9 and was delivered on 11/28 via USPS. I patiently...
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    I finally built up the courage to order from these guys recently after being burned on my last try with a different source and I must say I’m impressed. The customer service is top notch, they keep in touch through your the whole process all the way up to the time of delivery. Not only is the...
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    Pharmacomstore review

    Eroids type style review Communication/Ordering Process: Communication was always on point. Emails answered within 24-36 hours Delivery/Packaging: Took 17 days from the time the order was PLACED to when it came in the mail. I live on the East coast of the USA Items ordered: 2x Sust 300. They...
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    Pharmacomstore review

    Just wow. Vlad and the guys are amazing. I was very skeptical about going through the internet for my order. But they went above and beyond to calm my worries. Shipping took about 3 weeks due to high demand at the time. But low and behold from the time it shipped till it reached me in the United...
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    PHARMACOMSTORE TEST E300 Lab Results So Far

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share my lab results so far on E300 from PHARMACOMSTORE. This was a bit earlier in the cycle, and I'm using brand Armidex now at 1mg weekly to keep the E Levels in check. Thanks so much Pharmacom!
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    All, This is a review of an order I made for Test E 300 mg/ml and Dbol. I'm 6 weeks in on the cycle and the results have been amazing. I'm on TRT and was cruising for 2 weeks on the test knowing my doc was going to pull my numbers. When he did my test was 1218 on ~200mg/week. He was a...
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    First time order with PHARMACOMSTORE

    I am a noob here and wanted to post my experience with PHARMACOMSTORE.WS I placed my first order with them a month and half ago. Being my first time, I ordered a little more aggressive amount than I would normally until I feel they are legit. This is due to a professional rush and need I had...