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  1. F

    Cutting cycle purchased through PharmaComstore

    Start date 02/01/19 Weight 81kg / 17.5% body fat (using an electronic scale which I know is 100% accurate but would at least show progression) Dosages Test e 400mg x 1 ml per week Tren e 200mg x 1 ml per week (Both Dragon pharma branded from PharmaComStore) 09/01/19 Weight 82.3kg...
  2. C


    Man just to say that Alan is the best in the bussiness super cool guy and patience .whenever i have question he answers right away ... appreciate you Bro. i have been dealing with him for years, i just hope he could have mores stock !!!!!
  3. F

    My pharmacom cycle log - enjoy :)

    Hello everyone, I will be updating this log over the course of the next 10 or so weeks in order to document my experience with Pharmacomstore.ws Let me start off by saying a little bit about Pharmacom, Growing up, I was always taught that "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"...
  4. C

    DG is better than amazon

    just want to give a feedback, 2 order , 3 days to delivery . fast as **** !!! how do you guys check ampules from pharmacom? pls let me know thanks Alan for the great service!
  5. B

    Touch Down

    So my pharmacom goodies came in yesterday. As many, I was skeptical in ordering from an international website but after plenty of reviews on here and reviews on their website I pulled the trigger on my first big boy cycle. Placed my order on 11/9 and was delivered on 11/28 via USPS. I patiently...
  6. C

    Pharmacomstore review

    I'm mainly posting this because I chose to order from Pharacom based on reviews from this site and others. But I'm very disappointed with pharmacom. Shipping was not an issue, it took about 25 days and they sent a order confirmation and tracking number. However, when my order arrived it was in...
  7. BadGas


    I missed the Crazy Halloween special for all payment methods.. Any chance Basic will be doing another crazy promo for the Holidays.. ??? :hmm::hmm::hmm::hmm::hmm:
  8. B

    New to the Forum

    Hi guys, new guy to the forum. 35 years old, been lifting since the high school days. Been on TRT for about 3 yrs now and have been loving it. Wish I would've know about TRT a lot sooner. Just ordered some other compounds from Pharmacom to start a bulking cycle these next couple of months...
  9. A


    Just trying to get some help on figuring out what happened to my order on Pharmacom not bad mouthing anyone just was upset with the process and t lack of response or help to figure out what happened to the 500.00 in bitcoin I sent .
  10. A

    Pharmacom can't find my bitcoin

    Just purchased 500.00 worth of gear from Pharmacom have only received automated replies about my payment using bitcoin first time using bitcoin and they haven't really reached out to solve the issue I have sent them all the information I have and don't know what else to do. I have no idea what...
  11. R

    www.pharmacom-store.com Official Dealers PHARMACOM

    Hello, I wanted to report this website - >> www.pharmacom-store.com The site is an official pharmacom dealer, so legit products and guaranteed seriousness :) The products have a really low cost considering that they are talking about the most famous brand in the world. Accepted payments: western...
  12. C

    Another Order with DG

    Just placed another order with DG , ALWAYS EASY AND FAST COMMUNICATION ! Thanks for the best customer service and your help on my prep!!!!! :clapping:
  13. Tmcdowell

    PharmaMix 2 Log

    I am 31 years old, 5'-9", 187#s, 12%BF. This is my third ever cycle, second one in the last year. I did my first cycle at 25 and put on about 22#s using Deca, Test, and Winstrol (sorry I don't remember the particular esters and amounts). After that, I got married and slowly got "too busy to...
  14. R

    steroid cycle

    I bought from pharmacom store, sustanon, trenbolone and oxymetholone. Intramuscularly used for 7 weeks, using an anti-estrogen during the cycle and at the end of the clomid cycle. I gained 8 kg. Quality Products and Professional Interlocutors. Thanks Pharmacom.
  15. T

    Exos questions??

    Reading the description of this you can take it on cycle and off.. how long should you continue this???
  16. T

    Pharmacom Labs HGH - Review

    Hi all, first post on this forum. Background: Age 31, weight 86KGs, body fat 14%, train weight lifting 5 days per week for just over an hour a time. Usually 1 to 2 body parts per sesssion. Have been training for the best part of 10 years with on and off breaks. Diet:eat clean weekdays, cheat...
  17. K

    Brief review of PharmaTest E250 Ampules

    New member doing my duty in spreading the word of reliable sources. Been on/off for 9+ years and on these Ampules for around 3+months. What can I say that hasn't been addressed many times before, stuff is legit. Oil is smooth no pip, which is a big issue with me, I'm very sensitive to BA levels...
  18. G

    Pharmacomstore Review

    I placed my order with Daruis on 10/28/2016 and i was super worried, because of this i placed a small order put a little money out there just to see if it was real and would work. I read hundreds of reviews and decided to find out for myself, let me tell you this was the BEST choice ive made in...
  19. M

    Current Pharmacom Cycle with Lab Results

    Tried Pharmacom for the first time and I wanted to share my current cycle and lab work. This lab is the best I have found hands down. From their customer service to the quick shipping and the quality of their products. A little about myself. I am 44 and started lifting a couple of years ago. I...
  20. G

    Testosterone&Boldenone cycle review

    Hello, This is my review of my third cycle and first with www.pharmacomstore.org ! I'm a MMA fighter and i need to make a cycle to change my weight from lightweight to welterweight! Height: 5.6feet/171cm Weight: bevor cycle 163lbs/74kg after 177lbs/80kg Bodyfat: 8-10% watch the pic! Diet: per...