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  1. T

    Follow up on Peptides: Did you pin at source of pain or in gut?

    Hey guys. Just following up on a peptides post I made from a few weeks ago. (I appreciate anyone who previously chimed in from the last post.) I received my BPC 157 in the mail. I've got my syringes and bacteriostatic water. All set to go. Now here's the question. From those with experience, did...
  2. T

    What site do you trust for BPC-157 and other peptides?

    Hey guys. I'm planning on trying BPC-157 for the first time to help with nagging inflammation near my sacrum. I've done enough massage and physical therapy the last year and a half to know that alone isn't doing the trick. A local clinic offered BPC-157 for $230/month. Which, uh, fuck that...
  3. jozifp103

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  5. E

    Search peptides igf lr3 Igf1des quality help.

    Good morning dear friends of the forum, I'm new here it's pleasure to be part of this community, lessbad that exist this forum to be able to safely buy our products for our body. I asked you kindly, if you can find a great source of peptides, I explain I am an athlete and I prepare for...
  6. Giantlab-Albert

    Giant Lab

    Buy peptides&HGH: https://giantlab.net/ Contact me: Albert@giantlab.net Check sponsor subforum: http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/forumdisplay.php/233-Giant-Lab
  7. bearjew10

    Need some advice, Thinking about buy a few kits of HGH

    Hey guys, relatively new here. Been running cycles for 3 years but never thought to go on forums until recently because of my research on HGH. Recently started HGH and i'm stuff from TheGrayTop branded generic. I don't know how good the stuff is that I'm on and I don't wanna deal with getting...
  8. Vision

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  9. J

    Peptides And Mechano Growth Factor

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  10. J

    Benefits Of Puer Multi-Peptide Night Repair Cream

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  11. J

    Peptides And Mechano Growth Factor

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  12. J

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  13. J

    Buy For One Month HCG Drop Kit with B12

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  14. R

    Peptides Clen/t3

    Hey everyone i'm currently thinking of purchasing some clen/t3 from transformix and am wondering if they're a good site to purchase from as well as some other thins such as, the side effects they may have and if it's even worth to take them without being on some sort of anabolics as im trying to...
  15. savampyre

    Starting my TRT adventure, need some advice

    Hi guys, been browsing these forums for about a year now and became a member last week. This board was my inspiration to go and actually get my levels tested, turns out I have the hormone levels of a castrated cat. Doctor started me on 250ml Test-Cyp/week and 200iu HCG every 3rd day. I've...
  16. T

    Peptide Question

    Please help me understand something about Peptides. I understand cjc no DAC ( 2ml ) & GHRP-6 ( 5ml ) go together nicely. what I don't get is why 1 is 2ml and the other is 5. ... are they trying to fuck with us... ( joking ) no seriously, is there some logic I'm missing. Please enlighten...
  17. E

    Dont be stupid like i was

    Recently i posted a thread here titled "problem with gh secretagogues". My first thread on this forum actually. Anyway, in that thread i basically outlined a problem i have where i would regularly break out in hives, only very minor, but nonetheless annoying, after administering various...
  18. E

    problem with GH secretagogues.

    first ever thread, forgive me fellas. Anyway, for the last few months i've dabbled with peptides (ghrp-2, mod-grf (or cjc/no dac), and ipamorelin). Had great results and enjoyed them alot. strength gains, some size, sleep, skin, the whole nine yards. Recently however, i began having some...
  19. JFuerte


    Im thinking of taking the next step and incorporating Igf-LR3 in my cycle for 4-6 weeks @ 40-50 mcgs. Where I'm stuck is the Sub q part or the bi-laterally part & should it be mixed with AA or Bac water. One one with self experience will be helpfull.
  20. J

    New but experienced.....

    A little background.... 35 years old, been running cycles on and off for 15 years. Hopefully I can help out some questions and learn a little myself. Currently I am 250 lbs, 6'0 and an embarrassing 20% body fat. I am a month into a modest cycle of 500-750 mgs/week sustanon and 30-50 mgs/day of...