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  1. P_Labs

    P_Labs PCT Collection & test reports

    Our complete line of PCT oral tablets. Arimidex 1mg Clomid 50mg Nolva 20mg Letrozole 2.5mg Aromasin 25mg Our tablets are hard pressed with a score line for an easy break to cut dosing. Tablets are adequately packaged so you will not receive crushed or broken tablets. Tablets are sealed to...
  2. K

    Can using HCG help bodybuilders complete PCT?

    PCT is performed after a complete steroid cycle in order to allow our body to regain its healthiest functions while making huge bodybuilding gains. Now, more experienced bodybuilders are looking to HCG, which they have found in many studies and experiments to be more effective in helping them...
  3. YourMuscleShop

    What Does Post Cycle Therapy Mean?

    Most people take steroids in "cycles" to avoid developing a tolerance and to give (HPTA) — the hormone production control system — time to enhance testosterone production after each use. The deluge of synthetic hormones that occurs with steroid use, however, throws your body off balance. When...
  4. YourMuscleShop

    Anyone best way to PCT Please? so many cycles out there? appreciated

    Anyone best way to PCT Please? so many cycles out there? appreciated Your Muscle Shop
  5. Tren_Setter253

    Proper pct/ serms

    Hoping some of the veterans of this lifestyle can answer a question on proper pct and serms. What is the practicality of running both Nolva and clomid alongside hcg if they are both serms? I’ve read a lot of mixed opinions, some guys swear by running both at the same time and others say stick to...
  6. Doomsayr_x

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    I got a cycle suggestion from a friend that involves Test E 2 times a week .5 of adex on injection days and 20 mg of tamoxifen (Nolvadex) every other day. I'm just curious. What this will do? Also I was told clomid and then 60/60/40/40/20 would be better PCT? I've known many guys to just run...
  7. M

    PCT Advice

    Looking for some answers and reassurance... I was on a cycle of Testosterone E300 for 12 weeks which ended at the beginning of September. I must have been on too high of a dose (1mg every 4 days) because when I got tested my testosterone levels were off the charts (over 52 - that's all they...
  8. ReadyOnDeck

    Favorite PCT Combos ON and Coming OFF Cycle

    What's good bros?! It's been quite some time since I checked in on the latest and greatest FAVORITE PCT COMBINATIONS both while ON CYCLE and coming OFF... So what's your favorite flavor combination??!? (feel free to add any additional information that can help other members) ROD:stupid:
  9. S

    4 months out from 10 week cycle testes still shut down

    I ended a 10 week cycle of 120mg of test P eod back in December 4th, I took aromasin during and clomid and nolvadex for the following month pct my natural production doesn’t seem to be coming back online, I basically lost all my gains plus 5lbs and have very little motivation, my balls are...
  10. B

    What can I do to keep my gains?

    Okay. I have a unique problem. I’m a national Guardsman. Im being mobilized. I anticipate being gone for 30-45 days. In this time my cycle will end and I’ll be without PCT. Q. How do I keep my gains?????
  11. B

    How Do I Keep My Gains?

    Okay. I have a unique problem. I’m a national Guardsman. Im being mobilized. I anticipate being gone for 30-45 days. In this time my cycle will end and I’ll be without PCT. Q. How do I keep my gains?????
  12. jozifp103

    Our LOCAL, Fast-Shipping Products are now FULLY STOCKED - Puritysourcelabs.ru

    Sorry for the delay folks. When we first re-opened for the new year we only had the essentials in our local inventory. But now we are FULLY STOCKED with whatever you need...AAS, Peptides, SARMS, PCT, Fat Burners, Cialis, Viagra, HGH, HCG, you name it, Puritysourcelabs.ru has it. See below for...
  13. AzureP

    Is there a way to tell/test if Clomid is fake?

    Hi guys, As the title says, I'm curious if there's a way to figure out if the Clomid I got is real or fake? Any ideas welcome (blood tests, comparing pills, etc..). Thanks!
  14. aceyyy

    HPTA Restart/Reboot? Has anyone tried this?

    Has anyone ever tried to restart their HPTA (hyper pituitary testicular axis) after a cycle that didn't go accordingly? Or if they've been suffering from symptoms of low test? Basically, I'm 25 years old and my situation right now is that I ran a simple cycle about a year and half ago of TestC...
  15. PhyziqPhreak

    Monster HCG & Melanotan II ??

    Has anyone tried the Monster HCG and/or Melanotan II recently? Used Monster throughout this cycle and had excellent service with each order! Couldn't ask for better service. I'm coming to the end and want to get feedback on the HCG. Melanotan II has peaked my interest. Any information would...
  16. E

    Looking 2 learn Classic Ectomorph

    What’s up everyone! New member. I’m a super hard gainer. Played baseball in HS, and was a Nationaly ranked speed skater. My quads used to be EPIC! But in my late 20’s my body just went hyper skinny after I stopped training, had kids, blah blah. I’m still in the gym, but looking to get back to a...
  17. E

    I need help for pct- please help me

    Guys, I did a really bad mistake, I am 18 years old and started taking 10 days ago yk11 at 15 mg which is a dht derivated and causes significant suppression in a week. Although I'm feeling just a "little" suppression ( use to jerk off 2 times minimum and now I have to force my self to do it...
  18. agfitness

    PCT is an Obligation ?

    Hey friends... Do you think Pct is an obligation ? If yes, who should use PCT and who are not have to do it ? For Ex.; I wanna take Testo E. + Boldenon + Oxandrolone (as a first and clean cycle) for 12 weeks as a pyramid system (from 100mg to 600mg raising and then 600mg to 100mg decreasing)...
  19. savampyre

    First PCT Cycle, SR9009

    Hi Folks, So I decided to cycle off test (on trt) for a few months to ensure I don't make myself straight up infertile (may want to have another kiddo soon). I got some clomid and a couple of sarms to try out. I looked around and settled on peptide pros just cause I'm a cheapo. So this...
  20. R

    1st Cycle-Looking for some insight before I jump right in

    Some background: I'm 24y/o 5ft9 190lb at about 14%. Been lifting since I was 15 where I was 5ft 6 100lb. I understand science and how the body system as well as drugs work (ie: Anastrazole or Armidex). What I have is 4 vials (40mL) totaling 8,000mg of test 30 tabs of 50mg clomid, 60 tabs of...