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  2. tatertot

    Thoughts on my current diet? Eat more or less foods?

    This past 6 months, I've been diligent about tracking my meals and dialing in the diet. I'm just a normal middle-aged dude not really on a cut or bulk, just trying to build muscle and not get fat. 6'1", about 220lbs. Does this seem like a good amount to be at? Should I be eating more or less...
  3. wrbsuperman

    Diet plan (5300K) in ABSURD detail (including nutrition info). Also gluten free(!?)

    I'll admit, I'm pretty proud of this diet. I hate vegetables (like, cannot eat the majority of them) and I'm super cheap when it comes to buying myself food. This might be the cleanest most balanced thing I've come up with yet (NOT designed to be gluten free but it just happened to be), and I...