1. image_of_glass_man

    Seeking guidance on timing for a first cycle/ opinions on my plan

    Hello everyone, newbie here. Thanks for having me in your community, and thanks in advance for your patience and your time. I’ll try to keep my post as short as I can while still hopefully providing all the relevant information that may be needed. It’s going to be a little long winded, because I...
  2. anonlifter

    New to building and using MCT as my pre-workout.

    31, 172, train 6x weekly. Super uber clean diet of 3500-4200 day dependent. Gained 15lb in 3 months. ANywho... MCT oil. I use a c8,10 blend. I feel like it has played a vital key to my unintentional intentional body-recomp. I currently use 28g in the morning, fasted and pre-workout. I hit...
  3. E

    Newb with anavar questions…

    Hey all! Anabolics newb here. I’ve been using sarms for a couple years and I’d like to try anavar… can I stack with either clen or ostarine? What is the most reliable source to buy “real” anavar and clen? Is it PSL?
  4. G

    Popping my ASF cherry

    Hey guys, I’m new to the community and wanted to say hello. I’m 30 years old and am currently on week 8 of my first test cycle. Taking test e 250mg 2x per week. I’ve already seen some solid results and look forward to this journey. I’m still learning a lot when it comes to gear usage, but I...
  5. A


    Hello there everyone, glad to be part of the forum. Thank you all for having, me look forward to a long brotherly relationship. Thanks again much respect
  6. L

    Hey Y'all

    Hey Y'all. I've looked at this forum a few times since June but more intensely the last week or so. I started a var cycle, that I got from a bodybuilding friend after going to an expo and seeing these newbie chicks that are huge and ripped. I've been lifting for 8 years almost although about...
  7. G

    Fresh meat

    I've been in lifting purgatory for about 5 years. I try to bulk like I used to, but end up getting a little milky instead. Then I cut and look the exact same as I normally do. I haven't seen any gains since Nam. Looking forward to learning and getting results
  8. B

    New and need some help

    What's up yall I recently moved to a new area and and got back into hitting the gym regularly. I have take a few cycles before of test E and Deca but never with the regularity I should have. Now that I moved I also no longer have access to getting juice from any other source than the internet...
  9. Bigg_kyle13

    New kid on the block!

    Hey everybody! Kyle here and I'm new to the forum, I've been doing tons of research over the past 4-5 months that have led me to register with this forum, tons of good information and what seems to be helpful members. I recently made my first order with DQ which I have made a post on in my...
  10. F

    Newbie help please

    Hello everyone , wanted to throw out there my plans and see what the vets have to say, plan on doing special mix 6 at 2cc per week for 12 weeks along with t3 the first 6 weeks and if I can get my hands on it albuterol first two weeks of first month and second , also low carb high protein diet.
  11. G

    New here saying hello to all

    I been in and out of the gym for 15 years, been trying desperately to hit my goals the past 12 months. A little older now and feeling it lol, but refuse to give up*
  12. D

    hi my name is Douglas

    Thank you in advance.. I ask a lot of questions.
  13. Saturnine

    Here we go... Hello everyone...

    Hey,what's up everyone! newbie here. Been doing my research. Keeping my eyes on posts and finally decided to join the community as I see that support can be an integral part to physically reaching my bodybuilding goals. Ive done a couple of cycles before( I'm almost ashamed to admit)...
  14. B

    test e pinning drawing air

    hello all newbie question here. ok I am getting much better with this whole new word I stepped into with pinning. I had something strange happen tonight. I pin in quads. I have no pip yet what so ever no redness sores pimples or lumps. I am pushing 1.2 cc every 72 hours. My question is tonight...
  15. B

    newb questions on cycle question

    hello all newbie here going to stat my first cycle test e only 500 a week. want to know if I should be using a ai during cycle and what type exactly and dosing? I am getting nov and clom for post cycle. I really wanted to throw some dbol in on the first cycle but don't know enough yet about...
  16. B

    hi newbie here with questions

    hi I am 35 6'2' 235. I have friends that juice and they talked me into it. I have done some research which brought me here. I have 60 ml of test e at 500ml a week. 250ml every 3 days. and I was told that's all I need by one guy but another guy there chimed in and said about getting "halo" and...
  17. C

    Hi All,

    Complete newbie here. Chris, 5'10" 166 lbs. No work out routine, not in great shape. That's why I am here. Look forward to learning how to get fit, put on some mass, and just over all feel better. Thanks in advance for any help on that path.
  18. 0

    Hey new member here from maryland

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and to aas. Looking to meet new people and further my knowledge. I'm 25 5,11 210 pounds.