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  1. Shinyarne

    Ideas on Cycle?

    Hey all, im looking for ideas on a return user. I have previously done a few cycles of 500mg Test E/w but its been a few years. I'm currently running 200mg TRT but thinking of stopping it and doing 500mg Test E, Primobolan and maybe some anavar in there for a returning stack. Does this sound...
  2. Raekwon

    Noob with murdered joints - help!

    Hi all—new to AAS and this forum. Tons of great info here, and I’m looking for a little more. 5’11” 210lb 42 yrs old. Dad-who-obviously-works-out bod. Been on 250mg/wk of Test for 10 weeks, basically a high end TRT. My issue: my elbows and shoulders are fucking murdered lately. Would HGH...
  3. A

    New member here!

    Hi everyone, I am Aran and from Japan 🇯🇵 Almost 22-years-old. I started training for bodybuilding seriously when I was 18 and used anabolic steroids for the first time I was 20. It is only a short time to came to California, so I have no idea how to use anabolic steroids...
  4. A

    New Member

    Hi Guys! New member here. Currently I am an averagely committed lifter with what I think is a decent genetic predisposition for developing great size and proportions. I do have, what I think is fair to call, intermediate lifting skills and knowledge. I'm in my early 30s, 6'4" ~250lbs, 17% BF...
  5. N

    Another Refugee

    Hello! If you've been around on another aas forum (which was recently shut down), you may remember me as Naps Helper. I was previously assisting the Naps team with promos etc. Until admin approval and checks that I am part of the team (can be verified by @jasonhill800 and @nsupps, I hope to...
  6. T

    New to ASF

    What’s going on everybody! I’ve been bouncing around forums for years reading threads gaining knowledge and finding answers to my questions. Meso, evo, anabolex, eroids, ug, and asf all good info and reads even some legit sources but I finally decided to make a profile and get active on here...
  7. D

    Hello Everyone 👋🏻🏋🏻*♂️

    Not sure what to say here, I'm a work from home, family man. Was skinny fat in my teens. Got into weight lifting (& great shape) in my mid 20's, though now I look look like a ham planet. New England based, stranded deep out here in so-called, "Bernie Country". Naturally, I'm already...
  8. T

    Canceling a cycle

    Hello, I am a new member here. I was wondering as to what would happen if i cancelled/stopped taking testosterone enanthate after one injection. Should I still do my pct? Any answers/advice would be very much welcome. Thank you in advance.
  9. D

    NEW member here

    Hi guys. Thanks for letting me into the forum. I joined Becuase i love to learn as much as I can! 34 Male 5'9 173lbs 12%bf 3-4 years lifting NASM certified
  10. love2lift_luke

    New to ASF, not to PEDs

    Hello everybody. This is my first forum I have ever registered with! I just turned 22 last month. I started out weighing around 100 pounds at 5' 9" and for the longest time I was the skinniest kid in the whole school from middle school to that point. I was a human skeleton, i was 80-90lbs the...
  11. E

    Looking 2 learn Classic Ectomorph

    What’s up everyone! New member. I’m a super hard gainer. Played baseball in HS, and was a Nationaly ranked speed skater. My quads used to be EPIC! But in my late 20’s my body just went hyper skinny after I stopped training, had kids, blah blah. I’m still in the gym, but looking to get back to a...
  12. Gunterodihm

    New there

    Hi guys and gals. I'm new over here. I never don't know how to introduce myself at new think I need some time to see other threads, discussions, to make an image about the forum. I'm not the professional BB but I have some experience which I can share further or to learn...
  13. Bigg_kyle13

    New kid on the block!

    Hey everybody! Kyle here and I'm new to the forum, I've been doing tons of research over the past 4-5 months that have led me to register with this forum, tons of good information and what seems to be helpful members. I recently made my first order with DQ which I have made a post on in my...
  14. N

    New member to the forum Nalu333 First cycle breakdown

    Hey guys im new to the forum but ive used the forum for about a year now and have found it extremely helpful with preparing for my first cycle. So a little info on my first cycle From Early May to mid July i cycled Test Cypionate 500mg per week (2 injections per week usually on monday and...
  15. A

    first cycle help

    i'm currently 6'0 200-206 pound age:22 lifting since i was 17. Currently in need of advice/guidance. i've done my research and have determind i will be taking test C 500mg for 10 weeks as my first cycle. 50mg clomid for 2 weeks after 1st week off test C. Maybe a natural test booster from a local...
  16. R

    Hey fellas...any feedback on this stack?

    Hey fellas, Recently joined and posted my intro, so this is my 2nd official post. Love the site and everything it has to offer (though I keep getting distracted by the porn...). After doing my research I've found a pretty basic test-based stack I think I will like, but have a couple...
  17. T

    Scammed by a 10 yr source so making my first post after 15 years

    Hi, I have never posted on a board before. I could never get over being called a noob when I'm an undefeated sponsored powerlifter. Who has over 20 years lifting experience and 15 years of making my own gear. My raw materials source of ten years decided to completely f**k me over. I don't know...
  18. Mr. Blayze

    Hello I Am New!

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board. I hope to at least help some of you out and I hope to receive help with my questions as well. It's nice to meet all of you! :D
  19. T

    hey guys semi newbie 30 years old

    Ok guys so im 30 years old 5'10 160 and about 13% bf i dropped about 7 percent bf and 30 lbs recently so i can eat right and have no problem going to the gym and giving it my all.. just got ahold of some sustanon and some amiridex. also some anavar and clenbuterol for my friend... he chickend...
  20. A

    new member

    Hi bros, names aaron im new here, jus looking for new information on anything, i like lifting heavy shit and train on a daily basis.