new guy

  1. J

    Early signs of gyno and advice for a new guy?

    Good evening everyone, I am about 7 weeks into a TRT regiment that has me at a low 135mg/week dose which I am splitting between 2 days. I’m a bit heavy still so it’s hard to tell what’s what, but it appears as though my nipples may be getting a little puffy. I was also prescribed aromasin for...
  2. J

    What next!

    (Fwd from my buddy tryna get help) Alright I have a situation. First of all if you are new to this stuff DONT FOLLOW MY LEAD Idk shit! Just learning. Let me be an example of what not to do, always get blood before during and after and you won’t be left wondering like me. Male mid 20s...
  3. T

    Newbie Questions!

    Hi, Just have a slew of questions, some of which I have found conflicting information so I am seeking clarification. A bit about: 100% natty, some people think I do steroids because of size/frame though. Not “big” in much of any sense but I have good shoulders and a wide back. Above average...
  4. J

    New beginner cycle

    Hey guys, I am planning on doing a 10 week Test-e cycle 500mg per week. I have done 3 sarm cycles previously over the course of 2 years, (rad140/Mk677, Ostarine/cardarine, and LDG4/Yk11) and had amazing results, but used prohormones (4andro) as my base instead of testosterone. Would it be ok if...
  5. Pumpitup13

    Glad to be here!

    Been on the forum as a guest, always found useful information and appreciated the family culture. First day as a member and I’ve already had some awesome feedback. You all are the best! Thank you!
  6. Forty01

    First time advice

    Hey all I’m brand new here and doing a lot of reading but it’s getting a little confusing. Only thing I’ve ever ran was Haloplex which was an oral back in 2012 while deployed. I want to go full on but really don’t know which way to go in any direction. Advice seems to be all over the map; start...
  7. sxboicexb

    Need Cycle Suggestions!

    I’m 21. Pushing 200lbs. Been working out hard for 2 years. 1 years experience with SARMs and Pro-hormones. Just finished my first cycle. Not impressed. Sustanon 350 and Var for 12 weeks. Var for 8wk. Really like the classic physique look. Goal is the shred up and see what muscle i really have...
  8. B

    New Man Here

    I thought I'd properly introduce myself to everyone. I am currently on TRT for kallmann syndrome. TRT dose is 50mg/week, which put me at 535 ng/dl 7 days after last pin. Stats: Height: 5 foot 6 Weight: 135 Age: 24 BF%: 6 Going to be running my first cycle soon and just soaking in all the...
  9. J

    New guy looking for help

    What’s up everyone. I’m in my late 20s and I’m looking to take my lifts to the next level. I do mostly compound lifts (cleans, deads, squats, snatches, and every now&then some bench) along with more functional movements. I’m not being that guy and saying functional lifting is better than any...
  10. A

    Hello ASF members

    I am full of curiosity and expectation for ASF since my friend send me the link of posts in this forum and tell me how to stop tren ace from getting cloudy, even for top tren ace powder. So, I came here.
  11. Gigshot

    How do I start this?

    So just to start this off I am that “New Guy” and this is “That Post” in two ways. One being I saw that new guys are directed at saying hello and posting a introduction in the new guy forum and my curiosity in trying to get a feel for it when reading my first new guy thread a dude introduced...
  12. R

    New Member

    Hey guys, wanted to come on here and introduce myself I'm a young novice bodybuilder who has been competing since 2014. I an active NPC competitor who has qualified for nationals in all 4 of my competitions. Been using gear since a little after my first show starting in 2015. I used prohormones...
  13. F


    Just wanted to say hi an I'm new to this board
  14. E

    new to AAS and forums as well

    hey there im new to both ideas and im looking to experiment with AAS. Ive been weightlifting since the age of 16 and i am 22 now. i have been weight lifting for the past 6 years now and feel like i have finally learned the essentials of bodybuilding and want to take it to the next level. after...
  15. Dozer


    Brand new here, although I been lurking The Forums for the past year. Did a Clen "cycle" last summer. Got lean, loved it, minus the shitty sleep. Looking to do something this year except protect my strength going into it/while on it. 6'0 212lbs B/S/D: 305/405/440 - Def not bragging...
  16. T

    First Cycle

    Hello this is going to be my first cycle of gear. I am totally new to all this I was just trying to get some opinions on where to start. I am looking mainly for strength and size gains but I don't need anything that will stay in my system for 3 months or over due to athletics. I've been training...
  17. T

    New Guy, Checking in...

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tony. Been training seriously for 3 years now. When I started I was 358 Lbs. and was out of breath crossing the living room. Im down to 246 and I hit the weight pile 6 days a week. Seeing some gains, and happy with my progress. Love...