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  1. P

    Mlg pharma review...

    I've ordered from mlg a few times with no problems besides him taking a little longer than the 5 day turn around. But I recently made an order on the 13th and have yet to get my order. I've emailed mlg several times the past couple weeks with no response. Any mlg reps mind telling me what's...
  2. SigRep

    First order from MLG. Looking for feedback.

    I just ordered 20mg of Adex and 3 vials of test E from MLG based off a refferal I met in person. I have to say I was, and still am, a little unsure on the decision. There's many online reviews claiming he under doses the product. I will say, however, that the three separate email communications...
  3. K

    new guy

    hey new guy here. got out of the army not to long ago and have been killing the gym everyday for the last 4 months. put on 32 pounds running a sick cycle from mlg. they are the real deal. mlg is the best!