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low t

  1. aceyyy

    HPTA Restart/Reboot? Has anyone tried this?

    Has anyone ever tried to restart their HPTA (hyper pituitary testicular axis) after a cycle that didn't go accordingly? Or if they've been suffering from symptoms of low test? Basically, I'm 25 years old and my situation right now is that I ran a simple cycle about a year and half ago of TestC...
  2. T

    Some Great Benefits of Testosterone Treatment

    As you grow older, your testosterone levels begin to decrease. Your body produces less and less of this natural hormone. Men who are older than 30 years of age may start to show signs of testosterone deficiency, and if it is not corrected it will only worsen. Testosterone replacement therapy is...
  3. N

    24 yo with low t considering Testosternone replacement therapy

    Hello guys. I will be turning 24 in June 2017. I was having problems attaining/keeping good quality erection. So I decided to get my Testosterone levels checked. I am not sure if I should proceed with Testosterone replacement therapy or not because tbh I am not sure of what I should do..so I...
  4. S

    Teen cycle scenario help

    Okay so I know that everyone here will flame a teenager asking for advice on running an aas cycle because of all the possible risk factors (closing growth plates, damaging endocrine system, HPTA damage etc) Say that a teenager has low t and takes andro gel daily. Under this circumstance do you...