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  1. J

    TestE/Dbol Cycle - Welcome To The Darkside

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody, I started this thread in the Anabolics section and was recommended to start a new new here, here’s a link to the start of it and I’ll be updating regularly between experiences of all kinds/thoughts/etc. This is also for those that either never injected...
  2. WuHan DeMeiKai

    How about the dosage of Injectable steroids Testosterone Cypionate?

    For adults, the amount of testosterone decreases with age, making it difficult to maintain muscle strength and quality, bone density and strength, concentration and energy levels. Testosterone Cypionate can be used to improve fitness and performance (build muscle and improve fitness),so it is...
  3. menace2anus

    Gathering injection supplies

    Where do you guys usually get your injection supplies? (syringes, needles, swabs...) Is there like a website i could order them from and have them shipped internationally? (Not living in the US, so GPZ is definitely not a choice for me...)