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  2. S

    Opinions on this cycle plan?

    A friend made this for me and I ordered all this stuff already. WEEKS PROTOCOL Testosterone Cypionate 1 ml/200 mg Week 1-14 • Monday morning ▸ 1 ml • Thursday afternoon ▸ 1 ml Anavar 10 mg Week 1-8 Week 10-14 Everyday: • Morning ▸ 10 mg (1 tab) • 30 min before workout ▸ 20 mg (2 tabs)...
  3. J

    How to administer HCG?

    Hey guys, I have been on test-E 250 for 5 weeks now in a 12-week cycle. I cant help but notice my balls have shrunk to the size of large grapes. I can still "nut" and am horny as hell, but I would like to gain the size back for my balls. I have some HCG 5000iu and bac water. I know how to...
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    So I was wondering... HCG does it just prevent your balls from shrinking? Or if you have already got little baby raisen nuts from using a butt load of test will it restore you to your former glorious size?
  6. M

    HCG & Sterile Water vs Sodium Chloride

    Looking for some advice... I recently started my first cycle under a seasoned friend's supervision, of test e300 and am taking hcg throughout my cycle as well. Last night I attempted my first hcg injection but broke the vial of sodium chloride so I used a bottle of sterile water instead. I...
  7. R

    HCG positives

    Will HCG show up in D.O.C. or pre-employment 10-panel drug test?
  8. LimitPhobic

    2nd Cycle Ever (Test with Anavar Finish)

    Hey guys, second cycle of AAS, starting today. re-filtered some #FloaterGate2020 test. 3 years in the gym 5 days a week, about 45m-1h a trip the formula goes (Monday-Friday respectively): Chest, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Legs (Ab work on shoulder and arm days) cardio twice a week stats: Age: 29...
  9. Rowads

    Hgh & hcg

    Can someone offer some source or reference to injection, location, and quality?

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  11. J

    I would like some advice regarding thrush

    I wasn't sure which sub-forum to post this in, so I posted it here because I am a TRT patient for life and the topic may be correlated to my question. Now is it coincidence or not, is the question, regarding HCG usage and annoying thrush in my throat. A while back I asked my doctor to prescribe...
  12. aceyyy

    HPTA Restart/Reboot? Has anyone tried this?

    Has anyone ever tried to restart their HPTA (hyper pituitary testicular axis) after a cycle that didn't go accordingly? Or if they've been suffering from symptoms of low test? Basically, I'm 25 years old and my situation right now is that I ran a simple cycle about a year and half ago of TestC...
  13. X

    Can I avoid HCG? First cycle at 39.

    I will be starting my first cycle at the age of 39, soon. Test E 250 twice per week for 10 weeks. For PCT I got Nolvadex although I know many use clomid as well, but I hear just one of them will do, most of the time. I realize hcg is quite popular during cycle, to prevent testicular atrophy...
  14. PhyziqPhreak

    Monster HCG & Melanotan II ??

    Has anyone tried the Monster HCG and/or Melanotan II recently? Used Monster throughout this cycle and had excellent service with each order! Couldn't ask for better service. I'm coming to the end and want to get feedback on the HCG. Melanotan II has peaked my interest. Any information would...
  15. Guapo

    IA HCG and Bac Water

    My IA Hcg will be here in a week or two and I just want to know how much bac water I need to mix in each 5000 iu vial?
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