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    Where To Buy HCG Online

    What is HCG Injection? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, also known as HCG, is a popular compound in the bodybuilding and TRT industries to treat low testosterone levels because studies have shown that it can treat hypogonadal symptoms. How does HCG work? Similar to how LH functions in the body...
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    Should I add HCG to this cycle? If so; when and how much? * Etho Testosterone (use for 12 weeks)two times a week and inject 2CC each time · Acro Trenbolone (use for 8 weeks) two times a week and inject 2CC each time · Pro Winstrol 25mg (use for 50 days) 1 pill a day · Arimidex 1mg (...
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    How to administer HCG?

    Hey guys, I have been on test-E 250 for 5 weeks now in a 12-week cycle. I cant help but notice my balls have shrunk to the size of large grapes. I can still "nut" and am horny as hell, but I would like to gain the size back for my balls. I have some HCG 5000iu and bac water. I know how to...
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    HCG & Sterile Water vs Sodium Chloride

    Looking for some advice... I recently started my first cycle under a seasoned friend's supervision, of test e300 and am taking hcg throughout my cycle as well. Last night I attempted my first hcg injection but broke the vial of sodium chloride so I used a bottle of sterile water instead. I...