1. N

    GrAnabolic's Domestic Androgen Labs is Sweet! Delivered in just X Days!!! See Pics!

    So I was Curious about GR's Domestic Line Androgen Labs and I Finally made up My mind about it since I really Hate the long wait from international orders since they spend several days at ISC and I'm a bit Impatient! I was Amazed of the packaging and Delivery Time. It only took X days to arrive...
  2. N

    Synaptec Labs Trenatec A100 No Side Effects after 2 weeks doing 200mg every 2 Days.

    Synaptec Labs Trenatec A100 No Side Effects after 2 weeks doing 200mg every 2 Days along with 250mg of Test-E every 5 days and 80mg of Winnie ED. When I First tried Tren A by Genesis I would get Night sweats after a week and My heart would beat like crazy with only 100mg every 2 days But I have...
  3. N

    Thank You! dutchmaster454 aka "Dutch Master"

    I Have been a Loyal GR Costumer for quite some time now and I Never really Like to post on Forums but I really have to say Thank You! to Dutch Master. I am very Thankful for Dutch Helping Me out with trying out Some Products in the GR site that I was very skeptical about such as Synaptec...
  4. A

    First order

    Just put down my first order with these guys, currently sitting at 5'10 200lbs at 10-12% bf Gonna run 12w test E with Tbol. Looking forward to this :winkfinger:
  5. Bushy

    GRanabolic is ACES!!

    Morning friends, im here on my own accord to let anyone else who may be curious about GRanabolic that they are very professional with an EXCELLENT menu to choose from. Their rep DATH has helped me from the moment I signed onto by welcoming me and after some research and reaching out...
  6. Johnnyboy004

    Customer review of Granabolic

    Another TD today. 3 for 3 and couldnt be happier. Products: A+ Communicatiom: A+ TA: A+. (all tds in under double digit business days). Faster then some doms. Rep: A+ Packaging: A+ All around great service. Questions answered. TDs thrown on time. Knowledgable rep who makes himself...
  7. Johnnyboy004

    Touchdown! Granabolic goes 2 for 2

    Amazing TA. A couple days short of double digits. Was pretty surprised. My experience w Granabolic, and Dath has been great. I would highly recommend them to anyone on the fence. I know a lot of bros are concerned about ta, but that was pretty damn fast. Also, this is the second td from...