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    Hello Everyone! I have Questions!

    Hey Everyone this is my first Post on this Forum so let me get right to it. Im 31 6 foot tall 215lbs about 25% bodyfat. Last year i ran my first cycle of gear from naps. I ran test cyp 250 about 200mg 2 times a week for 12 weeks. armidex for sides and nolva for pct. Results were ok I wasn't...
  2. B


    Starting to stock up for my winter lean bulk and like always Alan with the great customer service and fast shipping. Appreciate the quick email communication. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks Customer for life
  3. B

    And another one...

    Once again, DG with the fast turnaround once payment was received. After a few bumps on the road with the carrier it finally made it. Great communication with Alan and keeping me at peace of mind. Time to finish up this summer cut and first time using any of the ZPHC products. Hope they...
  4. N

    Ace Labs Test @ 140lbs trying to gain 20 lbs help plz

    Im currently taking 500 mgs of ACE Labs Test which is prettty good so far ive only been on for s a month and have not gained much looks like my muscles are shredding but no mass im at 140lbs trying to gain at least 20 lbs help there has to be something im not doing right i know that i should...
  5. N

    cycle of ACE Labs test with HGH

    Im taking Ace Labs Test its pretty clean im taking 500mg wk and working towards gaining more mass but my water weight does not stick my muscles are getting bigger and stronger but im just not growing past a certain point that is why i started taking the HGH so i can actually grow i am...
  6. N

    First cycle ever?B

    Hey guys, I have been working out on and off since I was 16, for the past year i've been going intense in batches, but recently I stopped for 2 months 2 times in an interval of 8 months because of budget issues. But now I have a job shipping me good income at the age of 18. Im 6'2 and 185lb...
  7. M

    Napsgear.org Review

    My fiance and I have used Napsgear.org over the past year and have placed 3 orders. The site is very straightforward to navigate and is very well laid out. They have everything you need regarding Anabolics, Test, HGH, HCG, PCT Products, Peptides and more. My first 2 orders came through with no...