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    I am really a new member

    Hello everyone this is Abby from China, I am a girl, I like climbing, singing songs, and learning language. I can speak Korean, little English, Cantonese, 3 kinds of hometown language, of course Chinese ^^!!! it is amazing that use different kinds of language to say one sentence. I am a...
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    Top 10 Workout Tips to Get Ripped

    strength and build the muscles Keep the workout time short Use many reps and increase intensity Vary the rest time between the reps rely on free weights and dumbbells cardio workout Focus on a good form and muscle building Know your body type plan of training Notes of your workouts and the...
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    New guy here

    hello ross here been browsing the forum for a while now about 6 months. looking to make the jump to steroids been active in fitness all my life with playing rugby and on and off gym going. been flat out for the past year gyming 5 times a week separated into each body part i was really...