during cycle

  1. Doomsayr_x

    Anyone know where I could find some good PDFs on anabolics? and a few questions.

    The steroid Bible is 300 dollars. I just started a very begginer cycle and I definitely want to learn more. I have a few questions. Why am I taking a SERM tamoxifen every other day? Some day it's not necessary and to keep an AI on hand just Incase. During PCT is clomid necessary? Or can I...
  2. Doomsayr_x

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    I got a cycle suggestion from a friend that involves Test E 2 times a week .5 of adex on injection days and 20 mg of tamoxifen (Nolvadex) every other day. I'm just curious. What this will do? Also I was told clomid and then 60/60/40/40/20 would be better PCT? I've known many guys to just run...