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    Spectrum Pharma - Testo Mix 250 Lab Results

    Meant to post this last week but haven't had a chance. Got my lab work done about 3 weeks ago to see if I could start my new cycle coming up. Ended my last cycle at the end of September which included SP 250mg per week split up into 2 shots and have been just cruising with SP 250mg per week...
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    And another one...

    Once again, DG with the fast turnaround once payment was received. After a few bumps on the road with the carrier it finally made it. Great communication with Alan and keeping me at peace of mind. Time to finish up this summer cut and first time using any of the ZPHC products. Hope they...
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    Man just to say that Alan is the best in the bussiness super cool guy and patience .whenever i have question he answers right away ... appreciate you Bro. i have been dealing with him for years, i just hope he could have mores stock !!!!!
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    Crazy pip

    Guys, i had a CRAZY PIP yesterday with pharmacon tren ace ampules , never happened before... it was crazy , burning insideeeeeeeeee:thinking:
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    I placed an order yesterday , didnt notice but the 2 products i chose were expired, i didnt know unitl , alan send me an email asking me if i knew that those products that i was buying was expired and if i want to chose another products... thats what i call AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!! THANKS...
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    DG is better than amazon

    just want to give a feedback, 2 order , 3 days to delivery . fast as **** !!! how do you guys check ampules from pharmacom? pls let me know thanks Alan for the great service!
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    Order in

    Another order in with DG, those guys are top notch man ...always replying emails fast , always giving advise, easy to deal with....cant wait to receive my package! thanks DG!!!!!:winkfinger:
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    Another Order with DG

    Just placed another order with DG , ALWAYS EASY AND FAST COMMUNICATION ! Thanks for the best customer service and your help on my prep!!!!! :clapping:
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    Drugs Gear

    First order placed on last week , Wednesday! Just got here today. Alan has been on top of the game! Answering emails and questions right away! First of many! Thanks so much man !