1. S

    Cycle Thoughts

    Still new to this and looking to learn and get feedback on cycle. I'm 40yo, 5'6, 155lb, 12%bf Blood attached. Currently 180mg trt. Puts my levels 900-1000 Wanting to move up to 12 week cycle: test C 300 weekly total. Deca 100 total. Hgh 2 iu daily. Pct back into trt 180 with anastrozole...
  2. YourMuscleShop

    NPP or Deca? Which is better?

    NPP or Deca? Which is better? YourMuscleshop
  3. AngryRussian47

    Test:Deca Ratio

    Just wanted some opinions on the age old debate on test : deca ratio I've heard numerous opinions on the matter but it seems to be most common for people to run slightly higher test than deca 5:4 seems to be the most common ratio used. Some people say 1:1, some say you need as much test as a...
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  7. T

    No Test, just Deca?

    Hey guys, So I have a question. I’m 38 years old and my testosterone is pretty low, between 300 and 350. I was on TRT a few years ago but stopped because I eventually want to have children. Test definitely helped with a multitude of things and maybe someday I’ll get back on. I’ve done a few...
  8. T

    Should I Start TRT?

    Hello, I’m 38 years old and have been thinking about starting TRT. Or re-starting TRT I should say. I was on TRT a 2 years ago for a year but stopped because of covid. My testosterone is around 250 which I guess is pretty low? I noticed a little fall off in energy and libido. My question is...
  9. S

    NPP over 40, First Time User

    Hey Guys - I am seeking adivce from you all that know better than I do, as I made a rookie mistake my first go with Deca, and am now trying to do things smart(er). I started NPP 4 weeks ago at 100mg/week. I have titrated up to 200/week now and am just not feelig much of an effect. It is my...
  10. J

    Cycle going good but noticing some Gyno, help?

    So its my third cycle, its been a few years since I last cycled and everything went well but this cycle I'm doing 500mg week of Sust, 500mg week of Deca and 50mg of Anadrol for the first 4 weeks. I'm in my 3rd week and I'm noticing a little puffiness in my chest nipples area but nothing painful...
  11. P

    spinal osteoarthritis and DECA

    Has anyone used or has knowledge of DECA being used to treat spinal osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis of the spine is a breakdown of the cartilage of the joints and discs in the neck and lower back. Sometimes, osteoarthritis produces spurs that put pressure on the nerves leaving the spinal...
  12. J

    2nd week smaller Cycle results so far

    So I'm only at the end of my second week of my 2nd cycle ever. I'm 40yo, 6'3 245lbs prob around 9-10%BF and I feel great. I'm running 1000mg/week Sust 250, 1000mg/week Deca, 100mg daily of Anadrol for first 4 weeks. Have Arimedex and Nolvadex on board for last cpl weeks of cycle unless needed...
  13. C

    Deca Dbol Test E

    I have not started this cycle yet. Waiting for recommendations and still studying on things before I even attempt to start. Stats: 5'7 186Ibs, 28 years old. Last BF conducted on 12nov2020 was 21.6% Test 800mg/wk Deca 400mg/wk Dbol 40mg/ed Mon and Thurs is when I will do my injections. This...
  14. M

    New member

    Hello forum - I'm a 55 year old guy on TRT. I'm interested in adding deca to my protocol. I'd like both the joint benefit and maybe doing just enough to also gain muscle. I'm curious what would be a good dose, and would I need to take as much test as deca. I only take 100 mg test currently.
  15. L

    Cycle advise ? test/deca or test/dbol

    im looking for size and mass , for all you vets or have experience with these 3 compounds? whats better to go for for with my goals stated? test/deca? test/dbol? thank you in advance.
  16. ArgonCoagulator

    Interesting info and solutions for Deca/Npp use

    Very interesting read. They cite sources toward the end. a guy in a YouTube comment on Dr. Thomas O'Connors recent video on Deca recommended this article to me: As I mentioned earlier in /r/peds, deca...
  17. B

    Touch Down

    So my pharmacom goodies came in yesterday. As many, I was skeptical in ordering from an international website but after plenty of reviews on here and reviews on their website I pulled the trigger on my first big boy cycle. Placed my order on 11/9 and was delivered on 11/28 via USPS. I patiently...
  18. G

    Personality changes

    Hi guys (and girls) LONG POST ALERT I currently live with my partner who is a steroid user and I have some concerns which I wanted to clear up through here... Firstly, I'm not entirely naive. I dated steroid users in the past. When I met my current partner I asked him what he was running (I...
  19. aceyyy

    Cycle Review and Critique!

    About to start a new cycle, wanted some opinions, and insight on how this cycle looks so far. Test Cyp-500mg/Weeks 1-14 Dbol-40mg/Weeks 1-4 Deca-400mg/Weeks 1-12 Masteron-400mg/Week 9-14 Liv 52-2-4 pills every day/ Weeks 1-5 Arimidex-0.5-1 EOD/Depending on how I am handling sides HCG-500IU...
  20. R

    How is my first cycle ? Testo e//deca//danabol

    Hi guys. I'm new in this forum. My Height : 1.72 Weight : 60 kilograms Old : 20 I think first drug use. 10 Week 500 mg Testosteron Enanthe (Aburaihan) 8 Week 250 mg Deca (Vermodje) and What do you think this brand(Vermodje) ? First 4 Week 40 mg Danabol (Balkan Pharma)...