1. C

    Planning Winstrol Cycle

    I am a female who desires to Do an enhanced cut. 4 years of lifting experience. I tried Anavar once, had no side effects, but also not as many muscle gains as I would’ve liked. It was okay. As such, I’ll be planning a cutting cycle using Winstrol, which is much cheaper and allegedly stronger...
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    Buy Masteron 200MG in USA

    • Muscle growth • Improves energy levels • Helps in cutting body fat Visit: (Yourmuscleshop) (We ship from USA within 24 hrs)
  3. P_Labs

    P_labs Clen 200 Lab Results

    Attached are the results from our Clen suspension testing with Jano. These are oral droppers at 200mcg/ml. Dispensed in a controlled drop of 10mcg per drop. Cheers, -PL :)🍻
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    P_Labs Proviron 20 with Lab Report

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  5. Sponx

    Your Favorite Cutting Cycle Stack (No Tren)

    Howdy Gentlemen! Just wanting to gauge the thoughts of y'all in regards to your favorite cutting cycle stacks; what do you use, how much, and how long? Looking to change things up on my next cutting cycle... Thank you in advance! No Tren, though! :)
  6. Androgenocide

    Fasting and the snake juice diet?

    What is the consensus on utilizing short fasts (48-72 hours) as a way of cutting fat quickly? I know common bodybuilding wisdom dictates simply maintaining a calorie deficit to lose fat but supposedly you can lose fat faster by simply not eating and supplementing with this potassium solution...
  7. E

    Taking Clenbuterol & wanting to increase Muscle growth alongside it

    Hello, I’m quite knew to the steroid scene and have recently just started by first cycle taken the. pharacom clenbuterol tablets which are working fine. I’m 6ft 2 , current weighing 14st. I’m still looking to lose a few pounds yet but I’m training in the gym five days a week and wanting to...
  8. F

    Cutting cycle purchased through PharmaComstore

    Start date 02/01/19 Weight 81kg / 17.5% body fat (using an electronic scale which I know is 100% accurate but would at least show progression) Dosages Test e 400mg x 1 ml per week Tren e 200mg x 1 ml per week (Both Dragon pharma branded from PharmaComStore) 09/01/19 Weight 82.3kg...
  9. A

    Cutcycle TestP-BoldEQ-Mast

    Hey Guys, This is going to be my cutting cycle for this summer starting at 183cm 92kg 11%BF. WK1-4 Test-P 100mg 3xAw WK 5 Test-P 100mg 2xAw Wk 6 Test-P 100mg 1xAw WK4-16 Test E 250mg Aw WK1-16 BoldEQ 500mg Aw Wk4-16 Mast 100mg EOD Wk1-4 Aromazin 12.5 ED WK4-16 Aromazin 12.5 EOD Let me know...
  10. J

    Genetix Pharmaceuticals cycle

    Hey guys, wanted to see what you guys thought about this Canadian lab and my cycle. Week 1-2: Anavar 75mg ed Test Prop 150mg eod Winstrol Depot 50mg ed Week 3-6 Anavar 100mg ed Test Prop 200mg eod Winstrol Depot 100mg ed Week 7-8 Anavar 75mg ed Test Prop 100mg eod Winstrol Depot 50mg ed Nolva...
  11. J

    New but experienced.....

    A little background.... 35 years old, been running cycles on and off for 15 years. Hopefully I can help out some questions and learn a little myself. Currently I am 250 lbs, 6'0 and an embarrassing 20% body fat. I am a month into a modest cycle of 500-750 mgs/week sustanon and 30-50 mgs/day of...
  12. K

    I need help on my cardio majorly haha

    ok I'm gunna be the first one to admit that I don't do as much cardio as I probably should/need to do. Everything's been great in the gym and then hockey season started. I feel like I've put on so much muscle and some fat (from bulking) that my body has to carry that much more weight and it's...
  13. K

    First cutting cycle dosage/ advise!

    Hey I'm 19 6'4 220LB and 10%body fat. I'm looking into starting my first steroid cutting cycle. I work out 5-6 days a week +hockey. I've done lots of research on what to take I just have a few questions on dosages because it is my first time I've been on roids Equipoise 400mgs-600mgs/week or...
  14. E

    Steroid stack

    Hey forum, I am going to start my first steroid cycle as soon as I get my pct which will be nolvadex, my stack will consist of winstrol oral, test E 250 following nolvadex. I was going to see if I could get advice on how to cycle that stack. I am 18 years old, I workout 5x a week at high...