cutting cycle

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  2. C

    Planning Winstrol Cycle

    I am a female who desires to Do an enhanced cut. 4 years of lifting experience. I tried Anavar once, had no side effects, but also not as many muscle gains as I would’ve liked. It was okay. As such, I’ll be planning a cutting cycle using Winstrol, which is much cheaper and allegedly stronger...
  3. L

    New member

    New to the site. Looking for general knowledge into gear and the pros and cons of each compound. Just looking to boost my knowledge of AS and make the right choice on what to run. I'm 6'0" weight: 185 bf% around 14%. Most of my interest are into getting that bf% down. But anyways that's my intro...
  4. mezii

    Feww Questionns! Cutting.

    This being my first cycle with tren, I didn't want to over do it, so I stuck with a basic: (I'm currently a week in) TestP 100mg eod 1-10wks TrenA 75mg eod 1-8wks Winny 50mg ed 6-10wks ** Adex .5 ed 1-10wks Letro on hand clomid/nolva on hand for PCT For those who are curious: 5'9, 180lbs...
  5. K

    Killer cutting stack

    Hey guys I'm looking for a killer cutting cycle for the summer to really define my body and get rid of that last stubborn bit of fat. I want something that will boost my matabolism and increase stamina for running. I'm thinking something with winstrol, tren, maybe mast and sust 250 or something...
  6. J

    Advice on my cutting cycle

    I have been training for four years now, this last year I started trying out steroid. My first cycle consisted of 500mg a week of test prop for 10 weeks, then my second cycle was test e 600mg a week with tren e 500mg, my stats are 190, 12% body fat, 24 years old, 5,10 My new cycle I want some...