1. T

    First time with T3

    What’s going on brothers, First post after my intro on this forum but not new to the game I’m currently cruisin on test e 250mg/week and decided to add some T3 in. The source where I have been getting my test unfortunately doesn’t sell t3 im currently 5’7 203 lbs 20%bf haven’t been on a...
  2. T

    adding tren E to TRT

    When I started training, I was a big ol tub of lard sitting pretty at 400lbs... after two years ive managed to recomp and am sitting at 275lbs with a decent amount of fat left to lose. Ive recently gotten into powerlifting/strongman, which is very difficult to do in a caloric deficit. I am...
  3. CAhardcore

    Fertility for blast/ cruise or trt

    Not sure if this was the best place to post.... Mods please move if necessary. How many of you guys have fathered children while doing blast/cruise or trt? how many of you have tried and NOT been able to?? im 31, 6'1 250 with 12ish bf. my goal is 240 with 10% bf? I don't want to compete, I...