1. P_Labs

    P_labs Clen 200 Lab Results

    Attached are the results from our Clen suspension testing with Jano. These are oral droppers at 200mcg/ml. Dispensed in a controlled drop of 10mcg per drop. Cheers, -PL :)🍻

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    **Black Friday Sale** at Recon Peptides!!!
  3. JUICY J

    running clen and t3

    I've never run clen or a t3 before, so im looking for an effective dosage and length. to get the best results. thanks.
  4. E

    Taking Clenbuterol & wanting to increase Muscle growth alongside it

    Hello, I’m quite knew to the steroid scene and have recently just started by first cycle taken the. pharacom clenbuterol tablets which are working fine. I’m 6ft 2 , current weighing 14st. I’m still looking to lose a few pounds yet but I’m training in the gym five days a week and wanting to...
  5. C

    Clen sources

    Anyone know of any good sources to find some good clen
  6. Dozer

    When to Clen?

    New member here, been lurking for awhile. In doing some reading, I think I am going to take the general consensus and follow HEAVY's post here on first Cycle and PCT. I was tempted to add in a mild AAS like avavar/superdrol/masteron, but I kinda agree its best to see how my body deals with the...
  7. Dozer


    Brand new here, although I been lurking The Forums for the past year. Did a Clen "cycle" last summer. Got lean, loved it, minus the shitty sleep. Looking to do something this year except protect my strength going into it/while on it. 6'0 212lbs B/S/D: 305/405/440 - Def not bragging...
  8. mnbikini

    SOPharma clen log

    Happy Monday guys! I've been MIA for the last few days as this girl was busy graduating college! Whoop whoop. After not drinking or breaking diet in 5 months this weekend was messy.... Just so happened to stop taking diaretics on Thursday as well so I'm retaining quite a bit of water. For those...
  9. H

    Clen source

    Just PM me. Trying to find some but he'll everything is dried up in the South right now. Any help is much appreciated
  10. S

    Help with CLEN dosing

    Hi guys. I need help with my dosing. I have clen and its labeled 200 mcg x 30ml. It didn't come with a measurable dropper. So idk how to properly measure. I'll have to buy a 1 ml dropper I guess. But how would you measure it in increments of 20 mcg ? I need all the help I can get.
  11. JFuerte

    Show Off your Hard work Season is Upon us

    Summer is Coming ( Opposite of Game of Thrones ;) ) and we all would like to work on that extra body fat. Looking into a T3 - Clen Cycle. What is you're experience with it and what protocol did u run? :thinking:
  12. B

    First Cycle. Please help.

    Hello all. I'm 19 1/2 yrs old, 6ft and 185lbs. I have been training on and off for the last 2-3 yrs with decent results. Now my trainer recommends that I should take Clen and Dianabol to achieve better results. He is selling me 30 pills of 100 mg clen and 100 pills of 10 mg dianabol and...
  13. topsider

    Clen from So pharma?

    Is So pharma gtg? Or should I try a dif source for clen?
  14. A

    Back from Afghanistan, here for advice, ready for bulking cycle!

    Hello everyone, I'm here from WI, i recently got honorably discharged from the army, i was a scout for three years and had one year in Afghanistan. We bought a bunch of pro hormones before deployment and had some gyno as a result of superdrol, and just had it sliced out so i am ready after lots...
  15. Ry1329

    Domestic clen?

    Anybody know a good domestic source for clen? I hate dealing with customs packages.
  16. J

    Got my AY Order, T3 & Clen to Cut. Follow Along Here. (Gear Porn)

    Alright, I just received my AY order of T3 and Clenbuterol. I plan to start up within the next few days and I'll post back here a couple of times a week with weight and possibly photo results for anyone who is interested in following along to see what kind of results I get from a 42 day cycle of...