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  1. C

    Keeping gains on anadrol?

    Planning on an anadrol cycle sometime in the distant future. I am female. Plan to run for 7 weeks, before going off for 8 weeks. Will continue to train hard and eat lots of protein. Slight caloric surplus. Creatine, multivitamin, and fish oil will be taken daily this whole time. I am not near...
  2. P_Labs

    P_Labs Proviron 20 with Lab Report

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  3. B

    New to the Forum

    Hi guys, new guy to the forum. 35 years old, been lifting since the high school days. Been on TRT for about 3 yrs now and have been loving it. Wish I would've know about TRT a lot sooner. Just ordered some other compounds from Pharmacom to start a bulking cycle these next couple of months...
  4. S

    Bulking Cycle For Maximum Mass

    I have experience with prohormones in the past including DMZ, d-drol, and a few other over the years. As of right now, I am looking to put on as much lean mass as possible to bulk during the winter then cut during summer. A friend recommended halodrol with either testosterone injections or dbol...
  5. K

    Loose fat on a bulking cycle

    Ive just started with a cycle of sust for 12 weeks d Bol for 6 weeks then winstrol for 6 weeks with armidex and pct. I'm just wondering if it's possible to loose fat when on the d Bol. The winstrol portion I know will be a little easier if anything to loose fat. Thanks
  6. K

    Maximizing your roid cycle

    I'm sbout to start a cycle with test d Bol and winstrol + pct and all that. I want to meximize my gains so obviously eating a shit ton of proteins and good carbs is a must but I also want to work out as much as I can. I know you can work out substantially more on roids but I also know that even...
  7. K

    Endurance training on a bulk cycle

    Hey guys, I'm about to be starting a bulking cycle with sust, d Bol and winstrol. I know that this cycle is more aimed at bulking and less endurance training but I know it is possible, it will just be difficult. I'm wondering if I am doing a lot of endurance training (cycling , running, for...
  8. D

    1st Cycle Advise Please

    Stats: 21yo, been lifting for 4 years, 6 ft, 190lbs, ~9%bf. First off i know most people are going to say I'm too young, but I've made up my mind and i'll do everything i can to make sure i do this cycle safely. So i finally found a reliable source and placed an order, gear is currently on...
  9. D

    Planning first cycle - Need opinions!

    Stats: 21yo, been lifting for 4 years, 6 ft, 190lbs, ~9%bf. First off i know most people are going to say I'm too young, but I've made up my mind and I will not start the cycle until i am 100% sure i have all the information i need in order to do the cycle responsibly and safely. This is the...
  10. massthetics

    Bulking Cycle - Classic

    Added some things to my cycle plus minor tweaks. I know Deca causes pretty bad natural test production shutdown so let me know what to do with this PCT if anything. thanks...