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    How does Anavar make you feel?

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    SB labs Anavar is so intense

    So many of yall jump right in and casually speak about how you are dropping 50mg of var a day. If you have a lot of experience with var fine but none ever speak about how intense this stuff is. Its like being on pump fuel pre workout and then some. 50 is a lot or you have gotten way too use to...
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    How many weeks do you recommend using anavar ?

    How many weeks do you recommend using Anavar ?
  6. S

    A retarded noob needs help with TRT and steroids

    Hello, I'm a noob. I also have a low AQ. Male / 37 yo / 230 lbs / Total Test 357 / Never done TRT or steroids. I am currently waiting for Test Cyp. But, because I'm a fucktard and a noob, I also bough other stuff that someone on Reddit told me to buy. Yes, we already established I'm a moron...
  7. S

    Opinions on this cycle plan?

    A friend made this for me and I ordered all this stuff already. WEEKS PROTOCOL Testosterone Cypionate 1 ml/200 mg Week 1-14 • Monday morning ▸ 1 ml • Thursday afternoon ▸ 1 ml Anavar 10 mg Week 1-8 Week 10-14 Everyday: • Morning ▸ 10 mg (1 tab) • 30 min before workout ▸ 20 mg (2 tabs)...
  8. P

    Test-e & Anavar

    Starting a cycle on Monday for 12 weeks for the sole purpose of burning as much body fat as possible while retaining lean muscle mass. Which is going to consist of the following: Week 1 - 2 : 60MG of Anavar daily. Week 3 - 5 : 80MG of Anavar daily. Week 6 - 12 : 100MG of Anavar daily. Test-e ...
  9. J

    Liquid Anavar

    Recently got hooked up with a reliable source and they carry liquid var. I was just wondering who has experience with this. I at first thought it was going to need to be injected but once I got it, it said for oral use only on the vile thankfully. I'm glad I was able to avoid daily pins. Be...
  10. K

    First cycle, needing opinions please!

    Hey everyone! Let me first start off with my training experience and overall health before anything else. I've been training more on then off since 2015. Moreso lifting as opposed to cardio. I'm 30. 5'9 and 235 lbs. I've been working on cardio lately in anticipation to starting a cycle mid to...
  11. D

    My Next Cycle

    Hi guys, I am a new member here but have lurked and read threads for a while. I have done 5 aas cycles in the past 10 years. My last cycle was mid last year and consisted of test e and tren e at 250mg and 200mg respectively, split into 2 administrations, Mondays and Thursdays. Followed by 4...
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    What is Anadrol? Anadrol-50 is a member of the anabolic steroid drug subclass. A prescription drug called Anadrol 50 is used to treat the signs and symptoms of anemia brought on by inadequate red blood cell formation. Using Anadrol-50 with or without additional drugs is possible. Benefits: •...
  14. E

    Newb with anavar questions…

    Hey all! Anabolics newb here. I’ve been using sarms for a couple years and I’d like to try anavar… can I stack with either clen or ostarine? What is the most reliable source to buy “real” anavar and clen? Is it PSL?
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