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  1. P_Labs

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free Var & Primo !

    Var & Primo Hottest Summer Sale! Last month for these hot items requested by our loyal clients. Quality Anavar & Primobolan at absolutely unbeatable prices. Primo E (100mg or 200mg) - Buy 2 get 1 free! (use code: sfaug at checkout ) Anavar (10mg or 20mg) - Buy 2 get 1 free! (use code: sfaug...
  2. P_Labs

    P_Labs Anavar test 2018 vs 2022

    Hello ASF, Lets kick start this section of our sponsor forum with some results. These are some results of our Anavar 20mg. 1st & 2nd pics are from 2018 (tested in Jan 2019) but it was a 2018 batch. This was sent by scoobs88 from the steroidforums.org. 3rd & 4th pics are sent in from us for...
  3. YourMuscleShop


    Anavar is an anabolic steroid which was first synthesized in 1962. Anavar is different from other anabolic steroids in that it has a high oral bio-availability (it can be taken by mouth) and is resistant to liver metabolism. Anavar is primarily used to prevent frailty and muscle loss associated...
  4. tatertot

    Advice appreciated -- Test/Primo/Var

    I've been cruising on 200mg "TRT" for the past few years, and plan to the rest of my life. Bloods are good and my Dr is cool. I've considered running a 'mild', 'safe' first cycle and it seems that Primo and maybe Anavar would be good additions to the Test base. Would you add in only Primo...
  5. Drugsgear

    Magnum Anavar and proviron are available!

    Magnum Anavar and proviron are available! See all updates at Drugsgear.com [/IMG] [/IMG]
  6. grAnabolic

    Time to act : 15% OFF

    Always aiming to give back to the community we have created a discount code from now till February 18th. Coupon Code Valentines entitles you to 15%off. Act now everyone and get yourself some top notch quality gear ;-) Check it out at grAnabolic.is regards, https://grAnabolic.is
  7. S

    Primo - dosage reality?

    Hey all. Was considering doing a cycle of Anavar per a previous post. Also got me thinking that maybe I’d just go with primo instead and bolt that on. I can run it longer and it appears to be less lipid invasive bit certainly $$ - which is fine. Do you see any value in running 300-400 mg/week...
  8. B

    Turning 50 this year

    Just received my shipment of Anavar. Just wanted to get some opinions on how much mg per day. My thoughts were- 30mg per day which would be split up 15mg in the a.m and 8hrs later another 15mg. I’m doing this as a stand alone....looking to put on around 8-10 lbs in about 6 weeks.
  9. S

    Beligas Pro Anavar 50 Expiration Date Discrepancy

    Hi all. Just got my order of Beligas Anavar Pro and everything looks great. The scratch off code checked out. Only question I have is the box says expires 2/23 and the container says expires 2/22. Anyone encounter this? Assuming it was repacked but want to make sure it’s legit. Thanks! scott
  10. LimitPhobic

    2nd Cycle Ever (Test with Anavar Finish)

    Hey guys, second cycle of AAS, starting today. re-filtered some #FloaterGate2020 test. 3 years in the gym 5 days a week, about 45m-1h a trip the formula goes (Monday-Friday respectively): Chest, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Legs (Ab work on shoulder and arm days) cardio twice a week stats: Age: 29...
  11. sxboicexb

    Bouwen Pharmaceuticals Real or Fake?

    There has been a lot of Bouwen Pharmaceuticals floating around my local area. First ever cycle. No Labs done. Sus 350 .4ml EOD Anavar 50mg 1-2 ED So far nothing extremely noticeable. Halfway through the cycle. Not impressed. PIP for sus was horrible for the first 2-3 weeks then by the time I...
  12. M

    First cutting cycle help. I am 38 on TRT

    So I am 38 on TRT just andriol weak shit.... Decided to do a cycle of Sustanon 400mg/ml at 500mg per week for 12 weeks with 80 mg var ED and 50mg proviron ED. plus triple stack sarms, Rad190, sr9009. Cutting. All straight for 12 weeks should I adjust anything? After this going to use Sustanon as...
  13. M

    Tri tren cyp and anavar cycle

    Hi after some advice on best way of taking I'm going to run a 12 week cycle of 500mg test cyp 400mg tri tren and 100mg anavar currently 12 stone with 9% body fat,is there anything you would change or add familiar with the cyp and tri tren never tried anavar before?any advice welcome
  14. GarlicChicken

    Humco or Other Ora-Plus Alternatives

    Hey guys, I've been doing some research on oral suspension vehicles and wanted to throw this out there for the group to discuss. I've seen several options regarding oral suspension vehicles for non-soluble compunds (anavar, cialis, etc), so I wanted to see if anyone out here has any...
  15. Q

    Summer shred

    What do you all think about this shred cycle?... 500mg/week Test E (testE already established) 75mg EOD Tren Ace 50mg ED Winstrol 20mg ED Var .5mg EOD Adex or 10mg (2×)week Aroma TAD600 (1×)week *considering adding proviron at low dosage* diet phase1 - 3,000cal/day. 300g protein, 200g carb...
  16. H

    Euro-pharmacies - anavar log

    Hello fellow members, I placed an order with PSL. 250 tabs of Oxandrolone. Absolute top notch service. I will be doing an Anavar only cycle starting from today with a dose of 20mg. I am starting at a low dose to allow it to get into my body and see how my body adjusts to it. As I feel the...
  17. C

    Pharmacomstore review

    I'm mainly posting this because I chose to order from Pharacom based on reviews from this site and others. But I'm very disappointed with pharmacom. Shipping was not an issue, it took about 25 days and they sent a order confirmation and tracking number. However, when my order arrived it was in...
  18. R

    Anavar injectable

    Why doesn’t anyone make Anavar injectable? Back in the day it used to be around. Is it a cost thing or demand issue? Just wondering brothers. Go easy this is an honest question for knowledge.
  19. L

    Hey Y'all

    Hey Y'all. I've looked at this forum a few times since June but more intensely the last week or so. I started a var cycle, that I got from a bodybuilding friend after going to an expo and seeing these newbie chicks that are huge and ripped. I've been lifting for 8 years almost although about...
  20. T

    Oral cycle advice

    Hey All, Before my question few words about me: I'm 28 years old with 10+ years lifting experience. Bf is around 11-12%. I like the oldschool training methods: Menzter&Dorian. So far I used only 2 cycles in my life: Halodrol and Epi. Halo was good, Epi was nothing special. Now I wanna put on...