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    Impeccable timing. I just got my (very) small Xmas bump and would love to hand it over to you guys
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    Blood work cheaper

    I would check with the Sonoraquest you intend to use- some of them no longer accept lab orders from privateMD, and the $70 blood work costs $300 at Labcorp.
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    Super power

    Mind reading. Even though.i would likely go insane from what I learn.
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    Drunk drivers pay child support for manslaughter in Texas

    I think it's just symbolic- nobody will be paying anything after the impending unemployment they face after release.
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    Stinks stupid bullshit financial post hub

    $50 says that they "pause" now because of some generic bullshit contrived crisis that will appear before the next hike. Gotta keep that market pumped up.
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    oh boys...ITS CHEAT NIGHTTTT

    Here too. Wife is making home made fried chicken bites with gravy along with some French fries. Yes we're rednecks.
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    Mexican Gear Crossing

    You can't bring a controlled substance back without an RX from a US doctor.
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    Sex/BDSM etc

    Only people who haven't tasted it argue that- after a drop of that shit gets in your mouth- all the arguments disappear. Live and learn I guess.
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    🍺🍺Bud Light🍺🍺

    Earnings. Next quarter's earnings to gain a true perspective. Until then, everyone arguing over stock price fluctuations is pointless.
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    New Law Will Make It IMPOSSIBLE To Get TRT!?

    What this video is telling me is that I have to rely on the political clout of the tranny community to urge the unelected, unaccountable DEA to "allow" me to continue receiving my doctor prescribed TRT without me having to take a day off from work to drive to a city 3 hours away to see him face...
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    🍺🍺Bud Light🍺🍺

    Both are produced by InBev- along with 400 other brands.
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    Another school shooting in Brazil

    I think this was an ax attack, not a shooting if this is the story I'm remembering. Dude killed like 3 or 4 kids with an ax and wounded several others.
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    🍺🍺Bud Light🍺🍺

    Corona is also Budweiser- same company
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    Stinks stupid bullshit financial post hub

    I'm all in cash in a money market fund waiting for t-bills to come back up again. I don't think there's any way we make it past inflation without a recession- especially after this bailout... I mean "backstop." Unfortunately they keep pussy footing around with rates instead of just ripping off...
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    Stinks stupid bullshit financial post hub

    It's fine- the government is bailing them out... again. Nevermind that the CFO of SVB was the same CFO for Lehman Brothers. This won't have any effect on inflation or the national debt.
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    Power Waffles...Damn Good.

    Flap jacked is another option that tastes awesome. I've only seen them on Amazon, but they're also a good option
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    One or Two? 2-16-23

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    Hazmat Spill on Interstate 10

    Supposedly nitric acid
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    67 Mass Shootings in the US...This Year..??

    I believe they are classifying 4 or more people being shot as a "mass shooting." The overwhelming majority of these are committed by a single, certain demographic, so rather than blame the shooter, the media likes to blame the instrument.
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    Finally someone is holding someone in Hollywood responsible for their negligence!

    Let's see how his defense of blaming Trump works out for him. We should make a game- every time he deflects with political BS, we should have to throw back a shooter (no pun intended)