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  1. crossfitchic

    3 weeks out from my show

    Good job. You look great!!!
  2. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    Yes yes. Woman's work. Very funny Zeus. And for the man's work I have little batteries that do the job better than most men :)
  3. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    Laundry day lol. You guys kept me entertained.
  4. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    Oh stop it. Mr. Sensitive. I was just having fun with you. I know what it's like to get picked on here. We are just having fun. Your fine.
  5. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    Well..... I'm glad you are going to look closer. Do most of your bros have boobs?
  6. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    I haven't been blonde in awhile but I missed it?
  7. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    I was thinking of doing a small local crossfit challenge.
  8. crossfitchic

    Best workout shoes?

    Barefoot :)
  9. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    What a gentleman.
  10. crossfitchic

    My new diet experiment

    You will get tired of that quick. Change it.up a bit. Lots of good recipes out there.
  11. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    Thanks cave for hijacking my post and pushing that company you mentioned. Classy :)
  12. crossfitchic

    Rude dickheads at the gym

    Awwww did you miss me? :) I've been peeking around here a little but super busy with school starting back up.
  13. crossfitchic

    Rude dickheads at the gym

    I hate when people take over an entire area. They take off a shirt or sweatshirt, put it on a bench they are not using. Leave their water bottle resting on another bench. Then their gym bag is in the way of another machine. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. crossfitchic

    Real Deal

    I have learned a lot from this site in just a couple months. I had asked around locally and heard REAL anavar was hard to find an often faked. Just wanted to say thank you to the members here and the forum. After checking around "A friend" got a gift from this site. They had someone test it and...
  15. crossfitchic

    Favorite Position

    No swing??? :)
  16. crossfitchic

    need some help from the ladies!!!

    Well I'll add to the first post. I like to take jack3D for a pre workout drink for energy or just plain coffee. During the workout i have a BCAA drink. I think its made by the same company that makes the jack3d. After the workout ill have a protein smoothy. Now about the others posts...
  17. crossfitchic

    Crock Pot recipes

    Ranch is the devil!!
  18. crossfitchic

    Vegan Voodoo

    Who doesn't like meat in there mouth?? Crazy vegans. I have many girlfriends in my circle that are vegetarian or vegan and I feel sorry for them. It's kind of fun to watch their faces as I put a burger away. I don't push my beliefs on them but they love telling me how terrible meat is and how...
  19. crossfitchic

    New lady checking in!

  20. crossfitchic

    What supplements do you use...

    Prenatal Viatmins (No im not preggo :P), Protein (whey and casein at night), Glucosamine, BCAA's (Drink during work out), Pre workout drink, oh and fiber :)